Team Floyd Mayweather Jr responds to Money Problem Reports
By Johnny Benz, Benz Report for Doghouse Boxing (July 3, 2009)  
In a recent report published by the AP, indicates that Floyd Mayweather Jr. owes over 6 million to the the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). The publication states that a lien has been put on Mayweather Jr. In a rebuttal to these claims (which the AP cites public records as their source), Leonard Ellerbe, Friend and Advisor to Mayweather Jr. states to the AP that Mayweather Jr. does not have a problem with the IRS.

Ellerbe who is highly respected throughout the Boxing world, tells the AP that not only does Mayweather Jr.
not have a problem with the IRS, but the boxer also does not owe over 6 million in taxes, no matter what the lien says. Ellerbe stated to the publication, "He doesn't owe the IRS $6.1 million ... I don't care what a lien says."

Ellerbe went on to add that if Floyd Mayweather Jr. had any money problems with the IRS, he wouldn't be hard to find and cited actor Wesley Snipes as an example. "When you have a problem with them (IRS), you ain't hard to find... ask Wesley Snipes. You go to jail, they come take your stuff. He (Mayweather Jr.) doesn't have a problem."

Ellerbe added that Mayweather Jr is free to move, travel and do whatever he pleases to do with no problems.

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