A Vampire sinks it's fangs into Boxing!? HBO's True Blood Star speaks out on Boxing!
By Johnny Benz, Benz Report for Doghouse Boxing (July 3, 2009)  
I use to watch HBO only for it's boxing coverage and the odd movie, but that all changed last year with the series premiere of True Blood. I've raved about the program before (see link to my prior article below), and now I have even more reason to love the show. Two of the main actors, Stephen Moyer who plays vampire Bill Compton and Anna Paquin. who plays telepathic Sookie Stackhouse, are infact True Boxing Fans!

Before I get into their love for boxing... I got to say that Season Two started a few weeks back and it's hotter
than hell! The story line is moving along and not short on action, humor, twists and turns, awesome special effects, and most importantly, spectacular acting. (I won't ruin any of the story line...so read on) Paquin is the best actress on Television, (and as a huge movie buff, I can also say her acting is better than anyone in the movies) and watching her play the role of Sookie draws you in. She is beyond perfect for the role. Beyond her mesmerizing face and perfect body that she exposes oh so well, my favorite thing about this beautiful woman is her acting. Paquin's co-star, and her true life Boyfriend (I just found out recently the two are dating) Stephen Moyer is also incredible in his acting portrayal of the vampire, Bill Compton. There is a chemistry between the two actors, and now knowing the two are dating, I can understand why their love scenes are the hottest you will find anywhere. Not just the love scenes... every time these two are on screen together, there is electricity unmatched by anything on TV and as I previously stated, even in the movies. You need to be beyond a great actor to keep pace with Paquin, and Moyer makes for a perfect match.

The rest of the cast deserves high praise as well, but since this article really is about Paquin and Moyer's love for boxing... I will end my love rant for the show now and discuss the boxing aspect of this article now.

Get this, Moyer is not only a life time admitted lover of the sport of boxing, but he has also gotten Paquin to share in his love for the sport. Ah yes, there is a God!!!

In the July edition of Access DirecTV magazine Moyer tells the publication: "When I was a boy I loved boxing, and I've got Anna into it."

Moyer (bless his heart) goes on to add: "I like the sport and she likes the blood. I'm like, 'Stop the fight, people are getting hurt, I can't bear it!' and she's going, 'Go on, hit 'em!' She loves it. She boxes too."

So who would win in the boxing ring? Could Bill beat Sookie in the ring? His response to the publication: "No way!" he says. "She won't stop until she's gnawed your stumps off. I tell you, my girl is hardcore."

So there you have it Boxing Folks! They support us, and trust me when I tell you, HBO's TRUE BLOOD is not only worthy of high praise, but also worthy of you time. Check your local HBO listings to find out when the show is on and throw your weight behind the excellent program. This show is a total Knockout!

Here is a link to an article on TRUE BLOOD that I wrote last year: HBO More than just Boxing... It's True Blood!

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