Pissed off Mike Tyson Speaks - "Yeah, it is pissing me off!"
By Johnny Benz, Benz Report for Doghouse Boxing (July 4, 2009)  
Mike Tyson is fully aware that he is a felon and that may stop his wish of visiting Australia from happening. In a recent interview conducted by Tony Sheahan for the Australian Herald Sun ,Mike Tyson reveals his desire to visit the country of Australia.

Australian and worldwide boxing legend Jeff Fenech, a close friend to Tyson, is working in trying to secure passage for Tyson to come down to Australia for a series of promotional talks.

Quoted by the Australian Publication, Tyson in regards to wanting to visit Australia, stated: "I would be doing some presentations, some meet and greets."

Tyson knows that his past criminal history could play a burden and stop the former Champ from traveling to Australia. In regards to his criminal past and the fact that it could stop him from legally entering Australia, Tyson noted: "I'm a convict. Yeah, I know I'm a felon." Tyson went on to add that it angers him and he must wait for Fenech to make sure a visit is possible. "And yeah, it is p---ing me off. I'm just waiting now (to see when I can come). I have to talk to Jeff. Jeff has to make sure that's possible. I would just like to come over and visit," stated Tyson.

The last time Tyson tried to apply to enter Australia was in 2008. Tyson's application was denied.


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