Who Is The Michael Jackson Of Boxing? In terms of Weirdness not Popularity...
By Johnny Benz, Benz Report for Doghouse Boxing (July 4, 2009)  
The Dog-Blog with Johnny Benz. You gotta love the forum members here at our DogPound message board. Here is my favorite thread of the day. DogPound Member: Marciano asks - Who Is The Michael Jackson Of Boxing? In terms of weirdness not popularity

Marciano writes: Paulie Malignaggi, Oscar De La Hoya, Hector Camacho sr., Vaugh Bean, Prince Naseem Hamed, Mike Tyson, Ali.

Marciano further writes: I think these are good names to start with. Tyson is too much of a man to be compared to Jackson. Ali as well is too tough. Paulie is a possibility. Oscar probably is the closest. He communicates like a woman and calls press conferences to say nothing. Hector Camacho didn't sell enough seats to be Michael but he fits the profile. Hamed is in the mix, Vaugh Bean is another woman trapped in almost a man's body.- end of Marciano's comments.

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