Antonio Margarito gives Prediction on Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto
By Johnny Benz, Benz Report for Doghouse Boxing (July 5, 2009) Photo © German Villasenor  
In a recent interview conducted by The Record, with Antonio Margarito, Margarito spoke out on Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto. Margarito feels the fight will be won by Pacquiao and gave the publication his reasons why.

Margarito feels that if Cotto agrees to the catch weight that has been proposed for the match-up, then Pacquiao will come out on top. Speaking with The Record, Margarito stated in regards to Pacquiao vs Cotto: "From the
very first round the advantage would be for Pacquiao because Cotto would be dehydrated like Oscar De La Hoya.” Margarito was referring to the 8 round trouncing Pacquiao gave De La Hoya when the two faced off last year. De La Hoya had come down in weight to face off against Pacquiao and the end result was a lifeless and dehydrated Golden Boy on fight night. He was easy pickings for Pacquiao.

Margarito went on to add that he feels that Cotto would be giving up to many advantages to Pacquiao, stating: “I think Cotto is giving up too many advantages to Pacquiao if the fight is done at 145 lb, even more if the fight were to happen at 143 like Pacquiao wants."


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