Amir Khan vs Ricky Hatton?! Freddie Roach speaks out!
By Johnny Benz, Benz Report for Doghouse Boxing (July 6, 2009)  
Freddie Roach is more than willing and able to pit his fighter Amir Khan against Ricky Hatton. According to some reports in the media, Hatton is being lined up to face Amir Khan.

Roach feels that if Khan defeats Andreas Kotelnik when the two face off this month, July 18, then fight with Hatton can be made.

Quoted recently in the media, Roach stated he'd like to see Hatton hang up the gloves, but thinks Hatton will want Khan's title.: "I'd like to see Hatton retire but I think he'll want to go after Amir's title."

Roach went on to add that a fight between Hatton and Khan would be massive and pull in tons of money. "It would be a huge fight and make a lot of money, so why not? It would be a great fight," stated Roach.


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