Arturo Gatti found Dead - Shocked Boxing Fans speaks out!
By Johnny Benz, Benz Report for Doghouse Boxing (July 11, 2009)  
With the terrible news of Arturo Gatti's death in Brazil, fans of the boxing icon rightfully so are in shock. Our message board has lite up since we announced here at DoghouseBoxing that brazilian police are confirming the death of Gatti. Gatti was found with blood on the back of his head and his neck. To read our report on Gatti's death, please click the link at the bottom of this article.

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JimBag writes: It was just on CBC cause of death yet, but holy crap, this was one of my favorite fighters of all time.

Bazooka writes: Ok now this is just plain fukked up. Arguello, McNair and now this.

Sherpa17 writes: All these unnatural deaths lately...fuk me!

RKQuest writes: This is very untimely and shocking.

Spike writes: wow, i was just listening to chuck zitos radio show the other day, a caller called in asking about gatti, chuck said he was doing good married some brazilian girl and moved to brazil cause she was having trouble getting papers or something, and was building condos, i was glad gatti was doing well damn

Joey writes: Damn, very few details. I'm with Spike, well I'm sure everyone is, in that we hope it's not true. Would be one of a few boxers that has been killed by some shady means in the last few years

Spike writes: you know when i hear of fighters dying i feel bad, but to be honest with you it dosent really affect me, this one if true is affecting me

mos-def writes: Each report seems more and more strange. Sadly we'll probably never find out what really happened to Gatti

NotoriousL: I don't know what to say. I'm shocked, and terribly saddened. It was an honor to box with Arturo, and be in the gym with him. He was always so personable to everyone, and loved to joke around. He will be sorely missed by so many people. R.I.P

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