Big Yahoo goes crazy over UFC 100 - Plus Video Highlights Links to UFC 100
By Johnny Benz, Benz Report for Doghouse Boxing (July 13, 2009)  
This Past Saturday's UFC 100 is proving to be one extremely hot topic! UFC 100 has been featured as the lead story on numerous times since the event finished. Today the popularity of UFC 100 has once again propelled it as one of the main Features on

To make the feature on, the topic has to be Super Hot. Yahoo uses research and stats it compiles from it's very popular search engine to find out what Topics deserve the top spot on their homepage. There is no way to cheat their system... because none of us can control what people search on Yahoo.

So why does it matter that UFC is a feature on Yahoo's homepage? Simple. There is no page that has more traffic than's homepage. It's basically the Internet's homepage. So being a feature on the Highest piece of real estate on the net is VERY impressive and certainly worth noting.

Not convinced Yahoo is the number one page on the net? Don't take my word for it...check with or (independent web traffic research sites) and see their number one Ranking for yourself.

Yahoo users prove that UFC 100 was one extremely hot event. It's great to see the popularity of the UFC is running strong...certainly worth a big YAHOO! of recognition.

Video Hightlights from UFC 100:
Watch Now: Video of Brock Lesnar KO's Frank Mir at UFC 100 - High Quality Format KY
Watch Now Video of George St. Pierre victory over Thiago Alves at UFC 100 - High Quality Format KY
Watch Video Replay of UFC 100 on your Computer Now! - High Quality J.Benz

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