Two More Pro Boxing Predictions on Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton
By Debbie Duran and Bob Carroll, DoghouseBoxing (May 2, 2009) Photo © Will Hart/HBO  
Tonight live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV, only on HBO PPV, boxing’s P4P King Manny Pacquiao takes on the IBO champ Ricky Hatton in what should be a highly entertaining 140-pound championship clash!

Will Pacquiao continue his domination in beating Hatton, or can Manchester’s very own takes out the Pac-Man?

Doghouse Decides!

Debbie Duran: Manny Pacquiao has always been a face-first fighter. That totally goes without saying. This approach to Ricky Hatton will determine a definitive outcome because Hatton can't deal with that kind of fighter defensively. Pacquiao can't be intimidated so when things start getting close and "The Hitman" starts getting rough on the inside, Pac-Man will only end up making Hatton pay once they get a little room between them. Pac-Man's better use of both hands will work better for him when they do get close enough and hopefully stem Hatton's bullying. If Pacquiao can follow up on his jab, taking advantage of any holes he can create and use his footwork, he really can get the 140 pound champ out of there. I think Pacquiao beats Hatton by knockout in the 7th round.

Bob Carroll: For me, this is a no brainer. My Fightin' Words Radio Show co-hosts, Butch and "THE Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr, have claimed that I have a "man crush" on Pacquiao and Benny has even gone as far as to say I would pick Pac-man by TKO over God himself. Believe me, I am a huge Pac-man fan, but the hero worship is based on pure boxing talent and stats.

In this fight, Pacquiao will be facing a younger, stronger version of his last opponent Oscar De La Hoya, in Ricky Hatton. Hatton is a fighter that fights with a huge amount of heart, and can take a good punch. This may prove problematic to Pacquiao, who is used to being able to get under the skin and into the head of his opponents. Hatton on the other hand, had a problem with a faster fighter in Floyd Mayweather Jr, and I feel that when it is all said and done, Pacquiao's speed, not power will be the difference in this fight. Pacquiao will be able to throw combinations at Hatton that will have him dropping his hands to block body shots, only to eat a right hand. Hatton will be able to hang in for the distance, but I see Manny Pacquiao (the greatest fighter to ever grace the squared ring) winning a unanimous decision over Ricky Hatton.

I know I may be taking some heat by Butch and THE Big Dog on this pick and already know that Benny will be picking Hatton, but I believe that Pacquiao is the better fighter in this fight. So there Butch and Benny! Oh and me?


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