Thoughts On Wladimir Klitschko vs Ruslan Chagaev - The World "Heavyweight Championship" Fight
By Bob Carroll, Doghouse Boxing (June 20, 2009)  
This Saturday evening, Wladimir Klitschko 52-3 (46) and Ruslan Chagaev 25-0 (17) will face off for the IBF, WBO, IBO "World Heavyweight Championship"! As a boxing fan, I can't be less excited about a heavyweight fight since I heard that Mike Tyson would be fighting Peter McNeely. Should the boxing public buy the fact that Chagaev is not healthy enough to take on Nikolay Valuev, but is ok to take on Wlad? Please guys, the boxing public can see that the showdown between Ruslan and Wlad has been in the works for quite a while. I have always loved the heavyweight division, but I am not a fan
of the current crop of European heavyweights, and this match-up does nothing to help my lack of concern for the division.

The Chagaev-Klitschko match-up was born out of the fall-out of two other fights. The match-up between WBA interim champion Nikolay Valuev and WBA champion in recess (what the hell is that?) Ruslan Chagaev was called off do to what has been reported as a blood test issue. On June 20th, Wlad was scheduled to fight British heavyweight/cruiserweight David Haye for the three titles. But along the way, Haye reportedly injured his back and the fight was cancelled. After that fight was cancelled, rumors abound of possibilities of who would take Haye's place. Names that were thrown out there were Brian Minto, Chris Arreola and possibly even John Ruiz. Out of those three names, only Brian Minto would seem to have been the most qualified and better match-up for Wlad. Minto, who has fought twice in Germany with a win over Axel Schulz and a controversial loss to Luan Krasniqi, is also very popular in the country of Germany. So now that the options were open for Wlad to possibly step up and give an American heavyweight a chance to break the "European Blockade", Ruslan Chagaev has mysteriously recovered from the blood test result that held him out of his fight with Valuev. The same
Ruslan Chagaev that has been considered the WBA heavyweight champion (in recess) for the past two years. The same Ruslan Chagaev that has come up injured just before an actual fighter with a chance to beat him is placed in front of him. The same Ruslan Chagaev that has on defeated Matt Skelton and won a very controversial technical decision against Carl Davis Drummond. Seriously? This is the guy that Wlad and the IBF, WBO and IBO think is the best guy to defend titles against?

The heavyweight division has always been the glamour division of boxing. Even though much better athletes have competed for the middleweight and welterweight divisions throughout the years, it was always the heavyweight division that the news stations reported on at eleven. I always found that unfair, but it is a fact of life. Wladimir Klitschko had an opportunity to make the division exciting again, but has failed. People in the heartland of the United States are not going to tune in, once again, to a showdown of two European fighters. Wlad had a chance to let Americans like Brian Minto, Kali Meehan (who is repeatedly shut out of heavyweight title fights even though he is ranked #1), Lamon Brewster, Chris Arreola (who is not ready), Eddie Chambers or even Kevin Johnson a true shot at a title, but he picks the oft-injured Ruslan Chagaev. No wonder MMA is more popular than boxing. Saturday June 20th is my birthday, and if I had a sports birthday wish, it would be a true American heavyweight winning the belt on Saturday. Maybe next year.

Wladimir Klitschko will win easily over Ruslan Chagaev on Saturday. Of course that is if Ruslan Chagaev doesn't pull a hamstring stepping out of his car on the way to the arena. Just my thoughts on this "heavyweight championship", let me know what you think on the Doghouse Boxing forum page or you can e-mail me direct at

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