Edner Cherry in a Bar Fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr Completely Untrue
By Bob Carroll, Doghouse Boxing (July 18, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
Earlier last night, a story surfaced of fisticuffs between WBC USNBC Lightweight champion Edner ‘Cherry Bomb’ Cherry and retired World Champion Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. The story stated that Cherry was a sparring partner for Mayweather, the two met in a Las Vegas nightclub, had words and ended with Mayweather getting knocked out. This story is getting some play in the media, and makes for great publicity for Edner Cherry. The problem with the story is it is completely false.

When I first learned of the story, I had to laugh, knowing that this would be the last thing a man of Edner Cherry’s character would involve himself in. To try to clarify this story, I immediately started to make calls to the people who are involved with Cherry and his boxing career. I was able to speak to a source very close to Cherry, who informed me that although this story seems to have drawn attention to Edner, it is completely false. The source went on to say that Cherry has never been a sparring partner for Mayweather and you would be much more likely to see Cherry in a church than you would a casino in Las Vegas.

What I can only describe as trashy gossip website called Mediatakeout.com “broke” the factious story sometime yesterday morning, and the story spread through the internet like wildfire. My opinion is the story was a ploy by what looks like a gossip website trying to draw in readers to its site. A quick glance at the healines listed on that site, Mediatakeout’s stories seem to be as credible as anything you read in the nation scandal magazines that report of aliens impregnating celebrities or Elvis Presley being alive and sharing an apartment with Bigfoot in the Bahamas.

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