Ricky Hatton forced from home by Rude Fans: Hatton Speaks
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (June 5, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
Boxing Superstar Ricky Hatton is fed up with fans who show up at his doorstep. Over the last few years, Hatton's popularity has sky rocketed, making him one of the most recognizable sporting faces in all of the UK. His popularity has made some fans and curiosity seekers show up at his doorstep looking for autographs and conversation from him. Some go as far as to even peer into the window at Hatton's home. All of this makes it uncomfortable for Hatton who is now searching for a new place, one that offers more privacy.

Quoted in the UK Press, Hatton stated in regards to his present situation at home, stating: "I have a nice house but it's no mansion. It's on a normal street and anyone can walk up and knock on the door or come up and look through the windows ... and they do!"

Hatton added his new place will have more security and will be situated in the same neighborhood. "I'm looking for a new house in the same area. It will have a wall around it for a bit more security!" said Hatton.

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