Jenna Jay: "Pacquiao needs a knockout to win over Marquez this time!"

Jenna Jay: "Pacquiao needs a knockout to win over Marquez this time!"
By Robert Brown, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 28, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

Jenna Jay
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I recently conducted an interview with the multiple award winning host of On The Ropes boxing show Jenna J, in this interview we discussed everything from how her passion for the sport of boxing began to her motivation for starting an award winning boxing radio show as well as a variety of other topics such as the controversy over steroid use and blood doping in the sport and whether or not Olympic style drug testing should be mandatory for the majority if not all fights, she also gave her thoughts on the health of the sport in general and what the sport needs to do to improve its position in the combat sports market we also discussed her thoughts on the upcoming mega bout between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez in which she gave some interesting revelations in relation to her opinion on the fights result. Here is what Jenna had to say.

Robert Brown: Jenna, what first attracted you to the sport of boxing?

Jenna J: I grew up with three brothers and when you live in a house with all boys, you end up watching what they did, and they watched a lot of sports and boxing used to be one of those sports. The event that ended up drawing my interest to boxing was a Mike Tyson Fight where he hadn’t been in the ring for a long time and was doing very poorly during the match and in the 5th round he burst out with one shot at Francois Botha that ended the fight. That’s when I realized I was in love with the sport. The fact of the matter is I realized that it doesn’t matter how many rounds you lose you can still turn the fight around with just one shot to end a fight.

Robert Brown: I remember watching that fight myself, Botha seemed to have control of the whole fight and then one shot and that was the end of it. It was a surprise to me as well. A memory that sticks in my mind was the first Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo fight when Corrales was being knocked down multiply times seemed to be done for. Most referees would have stopped the fight and he came back in the 10th round and knocked Castillo out. That’s a memory that will stick in my mind forever.

Jenna J: I remember that fight to, Tony weeks allowed the fight to go on even though Corrales was continually spitting out his mouth piece and what happened made boxing history, I’m glad Tony Weeks allowed the fight to go on because Corrales will be forever remembered for what he did in that fight.

Robert Brown: I just want to ask you what was the motivation for you to start your own Boxing Radio show “On The Ropes”, you have been doing it for 3 ½ years consistently getting the best boxing names on your show both Fighters and trainers, so what was your motivation?

Jenna J: I was home one night bored, I was listening to a boxing radio show and no one wanted to call in so I decided I would call and I spoke to the host for over an hour and it was suggested to me after by a listener that I should start my own show because people would be interested in hearing the perspective of a female's opinion on the sport and that’s how my radio show started.

Robert Brown: You have had an incredible list of guests; most have appeared multiple times on your show. How do you go about getting them on your show?

Jenna J: I think I’ve just been really lucky, some of the biggest name guests I got to just by going to their fan sites and sending an email saying I have my own radio show and most of the time you will get an answer back, because the PR people that work for these fighters want to get them exposure. The most important thing to remember is to be persistent, you may fail but if you keep trying you will be surprised how far you get. For me the quality of my show has been consistently good and I think that’s the reason why guests and listeners keep returning and tuning in.

Robert Brown: I want to get your perspective on the quality and standard of boxing media and the sport is being covered.

Jenna J: There are more and more web sites and radio shows being born every day and I think in that sense it can only help the sport, however only the big marquee fights seem to be covered on a regular basis so boxing needs to broaden its coverage in that sense. Plus there needs to be more outlets for broadcasting boxing on a regular basis. We use to have Tuesday night fights on USA network, Wednesday night fights on ESPN and now you really only have HBO and Showtime covering boxing on a regular basis and that needs to change, but I think coverage on the internet has improved, so I think that is great.

Robert Brown: Do you ever run out of things to say to your guest if you have had them on repeatedly?

Jenna J: If you get stuck you can always ask them generic questions about the sport so you never run out of things to say.

Robert Brown: With fighters such as Lamont Peterson, Andre Berto, Antonio Tarver all having suspensions handed to them as a result of taking steroids, do you think catching some of these big names will address the problem of doping in the sport and how entrenched is doping if we indeed have a problem with it.

Jenna J: It’s not good for the sport that these big names have been caught, it’s bad whichever way you look at it but in hindsight it brings awareness with those names being caught. Hopefully testing in the smaller states will get better to come in line with the other bigger states and hopefully as a result of these bigger names getting caught, doping on the elite level will end, but cheating in the sport will never end. There is nothing that can be done about that.

Robert Brown: I tell people all the time that mandatory Olympic drug testing is too expensive and boxing would die off because smaller shows couldn’t afford it, what are your thoughts?

Jenna J: I agree, if Olympic style testing was mandatory, cheating would stop but smaller shows couldn’t survive.

Robert Brown: Jenna what circumstances lead up to you leaving eastside boxing?

Jenna J: My former co-host Geoffery Ciani was becoming more and more difficult to work with anymore, and was not acting in a professional matter in regards to some of our guests, so I basically told him things needed to change if he was going to continue working on the show. What ended up happening was he choose not to, and went off on his own. He had thought the show would fail without him, but once he realized that was not going happen, he starting going behind my back and doing things trying to effect the show. He took things to the point that he went to one of the owners of ESB, who was his friend and stated that he had been writing for them since 2005 and said he could not have me at the same site as him anymore. I was removed and they handled everything very unprofessionally, and made the move without ever consulting the other owner of the site who actually wanted me to stay. The situation was out of hand at that point, so after I was rudely let go and in the middle of production of my next show, offered me a spot right way, and was very welcoming to my show and I’m very happy to be there. The funny thing is Eastside Boxing through an email recently asked me back, but loyalty is everything to me, and Eastside didn’t prove to be loyal or trust worthy, so after settling a few debts from the past, I declined.

Robert Brown: Some of you may know I used to also work for ESB; I became aware of ESB’s conduct and left as a matter of principle. I could not work for a website that engaged in that sort of conduct regardless of who was mistreated.

Jenna J: Some people lack any principle at all, so I am happy you have also found a home at Doghouse too.

Robert Brown: Thank you. Now moving to the current boxing scene and big upcoming bouts, Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez IV. I don’t believe Pacquiao is as hungry as he used to be, I believe half his foot is in political life now. I believe Marquez needs this fight for peace in his life what are your thoughts?

Jenna J: I believe both men have an equal amount to lose. Personally I believe Marquez lost 2 out of the 3 fights, the second fight by only 1 point but IMO Marquez clearly won the 3rd fight, I had it 116/112.

Pacquiao needs a definitive win as much as Marquez so people can believe Pacquiao can have a reasonable chance of beating Floyd Mayweather Jr. Marquez has the blueprint to beat Pacquiao, it's just whether at age 38 he has the ability to be able to sustain the pressure and not have lapses like he has done previous fights.

Robert Brown: I believe Manny Pacquiao has of the same mystique that Leonard and Ali had which because of the mystique he does carry causes judges to give him close rounds, there is no clinical diagnosis for it yet, but I believe it should be called “Manny Disease”

Jenna J: Because of the controversy of the last 3 fights and the microscope being on this fight, Manny Pacquiao will need a knockout to win this time.

Robert Brown: It’s been an honor thanks for your time Jenna.

[Editor's note]: It has been a great privileged and honor to have both Jenna Jay and Robert Brown join our team recently. Jenna is amazing, her extremely professional attitude and her interviews speak for themselves. We are very proud to showcase Jenna's and Robert's work on Doghouse Boxing.

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