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Open Letter to the Boxing World from Former IBF Super Middleweight Champion, Charles "The Hatchet" Brewer

Feb 14, 2004  Doghouse Boxing Exclusive
“Bad” Brad,

I am daily reader of Doghouse Boxing and I wanted to write this open letter for Doghouse readers along with the boxing world.

I agreed to fight Mads Larsen based on the fact that the IBF ordered a box off for the mandatory position to fight WBA & IBF Super Middleweight Champion, Sven Ottke. I have to thank the IBF for giving me this opportunity. However, I did not agree to fight Mikkel Kessler!

He was never mentioned as an opponent. Team Palle has the nerve to say their going to protest to all boxing organizations if I don’t fight him. I say, go ahead, be my guest. If they think that they determine whom I fight, and when, they're sadly mistaken.

Like I said, the agreement was with Larson and me. Not Kessler and me. Besides for that, Larsen is now getting his opportunity to fight current WBA Super Middleweight Champion, Anthony Mundine.

To think I am intimidated by Kessler’s Camp is straight nonsense.
I would destroy Kessler, but I am not a fool, and going to Denmark to fight him, is like him coming to my hometown of Philadelphia, PA.

Thank you for running this open letter,

Charles “The Hatchet” Brewer
Former IBF Super Middleweight Champion and currently ranked WBC #7, WBA # 11, IBF# 4 and WBO#2.

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