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Amateur Boxing Saturday, Feb. 16th at Gleason's Gym
By Special to Doghouse Boxing (Feb 12, 2013)

Gleason's Gym
Come join us this on Saturday evening the 16th of February and enjoy the excitement of amateur boxing at the grass roots level. We have a lot of bouts scheduled. We will have women and Masters.

  The weigh in for this show will begin at 4:00PM and the first bout will begin at 6:00PM.  

All our bouts are sanctioned by USABoxingMetro. All boxers must have their boxing book with them in order to participate.  

There is still room on the card. If you want to compete on this fight card, email Heather Hardy at We now do all our matchmaking by email.  

The ticket price is $20 per person. Children 6 and under are not charged. All gym members and registered amateurs with their books in hand pay $15 per person.  

The show will be shown live and free of cost on


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