Rumors circulate Bobby Gunn
Rumors circulate Bobby Gunn
By Media Report (July 20, 2012) Doghouse Boxing


It was announced recently that there have been some questions raised as to the readiness of tournament favorite Ikuhisa Minowa and Bobby Gunn—bare knuckle boxing champion from the States. 

Minowa suffered a heartfelt loss last week at the hands of the tragic flood that took the lives of 26 people in Tokyo, one of Minowa’s elders being a victim.

Rumors have also circulated that Gunn has suffered injury during training camp and is not 100% ready to compete within a tournament of such high standards, though time will see.

In latest news Scandanavian MMA star Henrik Gustafson was arrested while flying into Tokyo for the tournament on suspicious of drug trafficking.  While no further information has been released at this time, tournament officials have immediately announced that he has been disqualified from fighting to keep the good name of the tournament. 

The preliminaries for qualifying for the tournament begin next week, with the finals leading to the crowning of the champion commencing on August 9. 

The most skilled fighters in their discipline from around the world will engage in battle for the luxurious prize of $1 million dollars and the eligibility to walk on to any major fighting tournament across the world for the period of 12 months. 

“This tournament is shaping up to be quite the list of the usual suspects,” said Kazuyoshi Ishii, creator and founder of the Japanese Grand Prix Fighting Tournament.  “We have had our share of excitement this week, but it is imperative for each fighter to stay focused.  The winning fighter of this tournament will become the largest fight icon in the world, with access to countless endorsement deals worldwide and the opportunity to become a grand champion by winning all of the other major events.”

The highly anticipated tournament will begin July 30, with the finals promptly starting less than two weeks later. 

Time will tell who the ultimate warrior in the world is.

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