Boxing Results, Report, Quotes: Christina Hammer Outclasses Yahaira Hernandez in Muelheim
Boxing Results, Report, Quotes: Christina Hammer Outclasses Yahaira Hernandez in Muelheim
By Doghouse Boxing (Sept 8, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
World Boxing Federation (WBF) Women’s World Middleweight Champion Christina Hammer had no problems dealing with durable, but outclassed, challenger Yahaira Hernandez on Friday September 7 in Muelheim, Germany. Hammer won a landslide unanimous decision in front of around 4000 fans at the RWE Rhein-Ruhr Sportshalle.
Both boxers started the fight at a high pace, but it was Hammer, 13-0 (7), who continuously had more success and it was clear early on that she was at another level than Hernandez technically. With quick hands and fast footwork, the defending champion put her challenger under pressure and rarely eased off as she thoroughly dominated the Dominican in every round.
In round four Hammer connected with a perfect right hand that send Hernandez, now 11-4 (5), to the canvas. It looked like the beginning of the end, but Hernandez didn’t seem to have trouble beating the count of referee Andre Van Grootenbruel and she gamely fought back in the reminder of the round.
In round five Hernandez came out reenergized, but Hammer soon took control again and continued her domination from before the knockdown. In round nine she again knocked Hernandez down, but the challenger proved to be as durable as they come and again beat the count.
In the tenth round, Hernandez tasted the canvas for the third time, and once more she got up to continue. After the final bell there was no doubt whatsoever that Hammer had retained her world title, and all three judges, Zoltan Enyedi, Manfred Kuechler and Frank Michael Mass, scored the bout 100-85. Hernandez had two points deducted for holding.   
“I wanted to keep my promise of knocking her out, but unfortunately I couldn’t do it. But it was a good fight, and I am happy with my performance”, said Hammer after the fight. Hernandez was full of admiration for the champion, saying:
“I was surprised by the toughness of Hammer, and she really hits hard. Her punches felt as if she had rocks in her gloves.”
The fight, televised live in Germany on Sport 1, was promoted by Ulf Steinforth and his SES Boxing.

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