Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez: The third big fight this Saturday

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Saul ''Canelo'' Alvarez: The third big fight this Saturday
By The Boxing Genuis, AKA Joseph Torres, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 15, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
Most believe that there are only two highly publicized fights going down this Saturday night when The Son of the Legend Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. takes on Sergio Martinez at the Thomas & Mack Centre in Las Vegas, while Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez takes on spoiler Josesito Lopez at the MGM Grand in Vegas as well.

But alas, there is one fight that seems to be overlooked and that is the match-up between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez.  Yes that’s right! While these two warriors are battling it out with their respective opponents, they will indirectly be battling each other for Mexican Superstar Supremacy. Mexico has always had “The Man” in their country when it came to the sweet science.  Of course the one who stands a head above the rest is none other than JC Superstar Jr.’s father Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.  Since “The Age of Sr.”, we’ve had the likes of Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales who are in one way or another, long gone.  The Mexican’s still have Juan Manuel Marquez but at his advance age, he’s on his way out.

There is a void to be filled when it comes to the Mexican’s boxing hero and these two have been groomed and primed for that very spot.  The competition can’t be more intense in every sense of the word.

Outside of the ring both men have that “IT” factor to take the crown.  They are young and personable young men with movie star good looks. They drive the ladies to the arena as much as they do the men.

For Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., he’s the legacy. Being “The Son of the Legend”, the son of hall of famer Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. goes a long way in Mexico. It also doesn’t hurt that you have the true fighting spirit of a Mexican warrior – that blood and guts, no holds barred, kill or be killed style.  With no real amateur career, he has come a long way to become one of the top stars in the boxing industry.  And you have to give the young buck credit; he’s not looking to piggy back off of the famous Chavez name – he leaves it all in the ring each and every time out.

For 'Canelo' Alvarez, he’s that Mexican boxing dude with the Irish red hair!  Yes, his hair colour has made him stand out to Mexicans and other boxing fans around the world but his in-ring talent is obvious. Although he’s not as willing to mix it up the way Chavez Jr. does, he’s far from boring.  His crisp combination punches are fast and heavy.  For someone so young, he’s got so much discipline in the execution of his craft its scary.

Come this Saturday night, obviously, the man who’s going to become Mexico’s next hero will have to win.  But if both men come out victorious we will be forced to examine other factors.  Who generated more eyeballs in their fight (somewhat unfair since Jr.’s opponent Sergio Martinez is hovering over pound for pound supremacy while 'Canelo'’s opponent Josesito Lopez just beat a popular but recognized underachiever in Victor Ortiz)?  You will also have to consider performance, excitement and the road ahead.

If both men do end up victorious and are pretty much straight down the middle in ever other category, these two men may just have to face-off in the ring to find out who’s who and what’s what.  A thought not too far out in La-La-Land considering only one division separates them (and yes I’m taking into consideration Jr.’s weight issues).

It would be a hell of a fight wouldn’t it? Next year right around Mexican Independence Day, if both Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Saul Alvarez are still undefeated and defeating quality opponents, they can battle it out for Mexican Superstar Supremacy (not to mention the other battle that would be going on outside the ring and possibly a lot more vicious between Bob Arum’s Top Rank against Oscar De la Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions).

Make no mistake about it!  These two men are not just the next generation of potential great Mexican fighters, but potentially in all of boxing.   It kicks off this Saturday night!

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