Boxing War of Words - Gottlieb Ndokosho vs. Ibrahim Mostafa
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Boxing War of Words - Gottlieb Ndokosho vs. Ibrahim Mostafa
By Special Report on Doghouse Boxing (May 28, 2013)

Ibrahim Mostafa
Ibrahim Mostafa
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International Boxing Federation Africa(IBF/AFRICA) – TUESDAY MAY 28 -  DAR ES SALAAM – THE WAR of words continues to dominate preparations of the forthcoming rumble between “IBF Africa, Middle East and Persian Gulf (IBF AMEPG) Featherweight Title” tournament slated for June 29th, 2013 in Windhoek, Namibia.

The reigning “IBF AMEPG Featherweight King” Gottlieb Ndokosho, is the undisputed boxing maestro who usually goes in the ring like a dancer entering dancing floor. Ndokosh’s love of boxing and the way he quickly dispatches his opponents is liken to that of great Ken Norton of the USA who taught a lesson or two to many a heavyweight boxers!

This time around he is prepared to host the Egyptian “Butcher” in Ibrahim Mostafa who has sworn to dethrone him come June 29, 2013 butchampions Ndokosho took the threat lightly as he sent his response to Mostafa saying that he has prepared sharp knives for the “Butcher” and he should not misconstrue the Namibian hospitalitywith his fiercest punches!

“The Butcher’s Apocalypse Now” said Gottlieb Ndokosho declared war to Ibrahim Mostafa while invoking memories of Frank Cupola’s 1979 American epic war film set during the Vietnam War,  

“Let him come and enjoy our country’s natural hospitality as he wish but, he should be prepared for a war” said champion Ndokosho recently during one of his training sessions! King Ndokosho went further to say that he is not afraid of the Egyptian brouhaha since he has yet to see a boxer who can give him a hard time in the ring. “He should be prepared for a war and tell him that not Ramses II or Queen Cleopatra VII's spirits can serve him” said King Ndokosho referring to two of the great Egyptians Pharaohs!  

  Ibrahim Mostafa has been busy in training and sending messages to King Ndokkosho that he is prepared for the battle that will install him to the mantles of the featherweight division.  

The tournament is the products of Kinda Boxing Promotions of Namibia which boasts of several renowned champions like Albinus Felesianu the reigning “IBF Youth World Jr, Lightweight King” among many others. Managed by Kinda Nangolo, the company is synonymous with the development of boxing as a professional sport in Namibia.  

King NdokkoshoKing Ndokkosho (Pictured to the left of this text) On the other hand, Ibrahim Mostafa is in the hands of one of the great trainers in Egypt and the former African Heavyweight King, Richard Nwoba. Managing Louaa Boxing Promotions, Nwoba boasts of several champions and world class contenders!  

The rumble will take place at the Windhoek Country Club Resorts and Casinos in the outskirt of Namibian Capital City, Windhoek. Several Egyptians are planning to chart planes from Cairo to Namibia and give Mostafa moral support in his quest to oust the “King of IBF Africa, Middle East and Persian Gulf Featherweight division” Gottlieb Ndokosho.  

But, the question in the minds of many boxing stakeholders is that, would he manage where many others have failed before? The answer to this one billion dollars question will be known in June 29, 2013.

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