Zambian Francis Zulu warns Naysayer of his IBF Middle East Tournament
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Zambian Francis Zulu warns Naysayer of his IBF Middle East Tournament
By way of Doghouse Boxing (Jan 4, 2014)

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MOSHI, KILIMANJARO, UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA, DEC. 05, 2014: Zambian Francis Zulu is furious. So furious that he punch the boxing bag so hard to signify his impending onslaught against his arch rival and nemesis Joseph Chingangu also from Zambia. The duo will meet in Dubai soon for their impending rumble to vie for the vacant IBF Africa & Middle East Heavyweight Title.

Nothing will be left to chances as the two gladiators lock horns in one of the premiers rumble of the year. For the young Zulu, it is all the system goes.

But, Chingangu on the other hand is leaving no chances to the title that would rejuvenate his boxing career a she try to book yet another chance to meet Wladimir Klichko .

In his many years as a paid ranked boxer, Joseph Chingangu has met, fought, defeated and took small beating in the ring and this is what makes him to be one of the most gifted boxers of all the time “Out of Africa”

Chingangu began his professional boxing vocations in 1992 when he humiliated Wally Kafumbi by KOed him in the 2nd round of their scheduled 4 rounds tourney in Lusaka, Zambia.

Chingangu went on to provide doses to quite a few other big names including South African Leonard Friedman when they met October 92 and outpointed him in their 8 rounder bout.He later met Tom Collins in November of that same year 92 and humiliated him with KO in the 2nd round of their 8 rounder bout.

Having beaten almost all the notable heavyweight boxers in Southern Africa, Chingangu moved to the USA and thunderously beaten Tim Martin by KO in just 1st round of their scheduled 8 rounder bout.

He met and humiliated big names like Michael Tate in 1 round of their scheduled 8 rounder bout and made his headway back to Africa and continued his onslaught to the heavyweight division.

Chingangu then met Sunday Abiodun in Crema, Lombardia, Italy and outpointed him in their six rounder bout in 1995 before KOed Joseph Kull Koszegi in the 3rd round in their scheduled 8 rounder bout in Lonato, Lombardia, Italy.

Zoltan Petranyi joined a list of many beaten boxers whom Chingangu had terrorized when was KOed in the 5th round of their 6 rounder bout in Bovezzo, Lombardia, Italy and Lajos Eros managed to survived only 2 rounds in their 8 rounder bout in Palma de Montichiari, Italy.

Chingangu went back to Zambia to face Anderson Size who had declared a war Chingangu's own Turf, Zambia. Size was only good for 2 rounds as he lost by KO.

In July 1999, Chingangu had the most glorious moment of his career when he travelled to Germany and fought gloriously the unbeaten Wladimir Klitschko in Philips Halle, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. Joe fought bravely and if it wasn’t for his wounded hand, he would have given the great Klitschko the ride of his money. He retired in the 4th round of their 12 rounder Intercontinental Heavyweight Title.

In 2001 Chingangu travelled to the UK and heavily beaten Herbie Hide who was then the feared boxer of the heavyweight division in Europe and the world but, Hide ended up eating his humble pie in the 2nd round of their 8 rounder bout at the Telewest Arena, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom.

In March 2007, Chingangu met the young man Francis Zulu then 12-2-2 at the Mulungushi Conference Centre, Lusaka, Zambia and KOed him in the 5th round of their scheduled 12 rounder bout for the Zambian national Title.

The two will meet again and this time it will be at the neutral country and that is United Arab Emirates in the Metropolitan City of Dubai, for the vacant “IBF Africa & Middle East (IBF AM&PG Heavyweight Title)” slated in Dubai, UAE soon.

This will be the moment for the two to show who among them is the pound for pound heavyweight champion of their generation.

The stakes are too high, as neither Chingangu (No. Pressure) nor Zulu who goes with the Moniker "Galagata" would let the other to humiliate him in front of the thousands expected boxing fans in this part of the world.

The tournament in Dubai would be under the auspices of PRANA VAYU a company incorporated in United Arab Emirates with a vision to take the oil & gas Kingdom a notch higher.

Claude Koum, who is PRANA VAYU's manager and Technical Director thinks that this tournament would usher in high magnitude in boxing and shape the sport's future of this Arab 's commercial hub .

Under the direction of Mehrak Dashab, the Vice President of "IBF Africa & Middle East", Dubai would turn into a hub of boxing tournaments and Las Vegas of the Middle East.

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