"I've been to camp w/ Wladimir Klitschko and held my own" - Michael Seals signs w/ Warriors Boxing
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"I've been to camp w/ Wladimir Klitschko and held my own" - Michael Seals signs w/ Warriors Boxing
By way of Doghouse Boxing (Jan 9, 2015)

Michael Seals
Michael Seals
Warriors Boxing proudly announces the signing of undefeated Mobile, Alabama, light heavyweight Michael Seals (18-0, 14 KOs).

A latecomer, 32-year-old Seals started boxing at age 23, after a successful career as a linebacker for Alabama A&M University. But Seals has wasted no time catching up.

"Boxing was something I always wanted to do as kid, but coming from the south, especially Alabama, it's all about football, so I played," explained Seals. "I never really had a chance to box. Once I got done with football, I found a gym in Decatur, Alabama, and started there. I fell in love after the first time I sparred. I said 'man, I should have been doing this my whole life.' I was wasting my time with football. I could have been world champion three or four times over by now."

Seals had just five amateur fights, but went on a world tour of sorts, sparring with many of the world's top fighters.

"I've sparred with lots of world champs and top contenders. Most of the people I sparred with back then were pros, ranked contenders and champs and former champs. I've even been to camp with Wladimir Klitschko and held my own. He's a super hero, but I didn't embarrass myself. Sparring with these guys was like a fight every time out. I was traveling their homes and you know how that goes. They try to make an example of you. I had to fight for my life, basically."

Seals is currently rated WBC #25 and says he looks to his new promoters to help him move further and further up the ladder.

"I've been knowing about Warriors since I started boxing. Since way back when Glen Johnson knocked out Roy Jones Junior. I've always had a healthy respect for their company. And I was always open to signing with them. My trainer, Sugar Burt, has had a long relationship with (Warriors Matchmaker and Coordinator) Chico Rivas since he was 12 years old. We had been talking about signing with Warriors for a long time. I just got out of my previous contract and now Warriors is back on the prowl, doing their thing again. So we revisited the situation and chose to go with Warriors. Hopefully by the end of the year I will at least be in the top 5 if not fighting for a world title. My ultimate goal is to win a super middleweight championship and then move back up and win a light heavyweight title and then win a cruiserweight belt."

Warriors Boxing President, Leon Margules, says he's happy to have Seals joining his stable.

"Michael didn't have a huge amateur career, but he's a natural talent and we're very excited about his prospects for the future. He has the power and the ability to become a major force at 168, 175 and even cruiserweight."

Seals says he prides himself on being a throwback type of fighter.

"My style is more of a James Tony/Bernard Hopkins. I use the shoulder roll and angles with subtle movements. I use the ring like you're supposed to, without using a whole lot of energy. I'm real smooth. I like to roll punches and slip punches in the pocket and counter."


About Warriors Boxing

Launched in 2003, Warriors Boxing operates under a simple philosophy-bring the best boxers in the world to fight fans, match them in competitive bouts, and in doing so help re-establish the sport of boxing for a new generation.

With a series of successful Pay-Per-View shows and packed houses to its credit, the Warriors business model is working wonders in a sport that was sorely in need of the innovation and energy that the company brings to the table.

When it comes down to it though, a promotional company is only as good as the fighters and fights it promotes. Warriors Boxing has delivered on all fronts, with outstanding bouts such as Lara-Molina, Cayo-Peterson, Abraham-Miranda I and II, Miranda-Pavlik, Miranda-Green, Ibragimov-Briggs, Ibragimov-Klitschko, Urango-Hatton, Urango-Bailey, Cayo-Maidana and Ibragimov-Holyfield.

For more information on Warriors Boxing, visit their website at www.WarriorsBoxing.com.


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