IBF International Featherweight diadem is firmly in Oscar Chauke's grip
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IBF International Featherweight diadem is firmly in Oscar Chauke's grip
By way of Doghouse Boxing (March 2, 2015)

Oscar Chauke

Oscar Chauke
By Onesmo Alfred McBride Ngowi. OUTAPI, NAMIBIA: Life is dynamic and whoever say that boxing as a professional sport is static is wrong.

​​ Professional boxing is dynamic and in that we sees lots of exciting developments, it is perhaps the only sport on the planet that has great appeal than any other sport and to that its fans live at the edge of waiting for exciting bouts pitting exciting gladiators in the ring.

Boxing is sublime, but it resists change. Of all the major sports, boxing was, especially thirty years ago, the weakest statistically. An old school sport in a new school era, boxing clings to its truths the way a shipwreck survivor clings to a life vest. But things change, and boxing sometimes changes with them.

Now that the IBF International Featherweight diadem is firmly in Oscar Chauke's grip after humiliating Namibian Gottlieb Ndokosho and took the title belt from him, he has promised a rematch that would see the two competitive boxers squaring it again.

It was really a dramatic event that saw the two clubbing each others in Ndoksho's turf at Outapi only few Kilometers form Swakopmund where he resides!

Oscar Chauke the man of artistry movements in the ring with a dangerous jab that fends off his opponent is so exciting to watch. He starts the bout in thrilling manners and keep pumping those telling jabs and combinations’ as the rounds proceeds!

He is absolutely the King of the ring and boxing fans loves to watch this son of the Rainbow Nation of South Africa who most of his loses were unfairly rendeed by judges!

We stand to witness yet another exciting event given his budging boxing career now that he is on top of the chart.

The rematch with former IBF International Featherweight King and Namibian Gottlieb Ndokosho would surely excite millions of South African and Namibian alike!


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