“Our New WBC Honorary Champion,” Gabe Santistevan, age 10
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“Our New WBC Honorary Champion,” Gabe Santistevan, age 10
By Special Report on Doghouse Boxing (March 14, 2014)

“Our New WBC Honorary Champion,” Gabe Santistevan, age 10
“Our New WBC Honorary Champion,” Gabe Santistevan, age 10
R.I.P. - WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán - 1931-2014.

March 14, 2014

From Stephen Blea:

Raylene and I had the most awesome visit last night with “Our New WBC Honorary Champion,” Gabe Santistevan, age 10, at his home with his mom Kathleen and grandpa, Mr. Santistevan, who by the way, is an Honorably Discharged Vietnam veteran Marine, with many awards for serving our country, and currently a retired railroad worker. I bonded with him as a former Marine, and Mr. Santistevan also came from the same neighborhood, from the projects called 'Casitas' in West Denver.

Gabe was thrilled with his honor from the WBC and his other awards. He is sending something special to our WBC President, Mauricio Sulaiman, and thanks all of the WBC for the support for his battle against brain cancer. He was diagnosed back on August 19, 2013, with medulloblastoma, which is highly malignant brain tumor that originated in his cerebellum. Gabe is now on his fourth cycle of chemo, and sadly, he will start another treatment in May. There is still cancer.

Kathleen, Gabe’s mother, is a single parent raising Gabe and her 17 year-old daughter Kandace on her own. She has not left Gabe's side since he was diagnosed and is on unpaid leave of absence from work to care for him.

Gabe Santistevan
It has been a very challenging time for the Santistevan family, and any help would be greatly appreciated. There will be a fund raiser next month -- April 5th from 3 to 8pm at the Eagles Lodge, 1151 S. Galena St. Our WBC Cares will be there for sure!

Despite all this, Gabe is your typical 10 year-old that loves building his Legos with his grandpa, which helps him sharpen his mind and get back to normal.

Any support and love and prayers will be greatly appreciated by this young man and his family.

I know personally, since I meet Gabe last year and thanks to my old boxer, Jeff Rodriquez, and his Sparta MMA show, it was a blessing and bond meant to be. God will bless and watch over this young man, and Raylene and I will do what we can to support Gabe and his family!

Much Love & Blessing to all, and thanks for all the support.

Tomorrow at 3pm we have our WBC Cares Boxing Event for Diedre Vickers/Strauch at Golden Gloves Gym, 6161 W. 44th. Raylene Carbone & Stephen Blea, WBC Cares-Colorado.

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