Helen daughter of Joseph also known as The Princess of African boxing
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Helen daughter of Joseph also known as The Princess of African boxing
By way of Doghouse Boxing (March 24, 2015)

Helen daughter of Joseph also known as The Princess of African boxing

Helen daughter of Joseph also known as The Princess of African boxing.
By Onesmo Alfred McBride Ngowi. LAGOS, CAPITAL CITY OF NIGERIA: She has been waiting for more than a year to climb in the ring for the much hipped IBF World Female Title.

One after another, her opponents chickened out or there was no agreement to tie the fight down. As the clock ticks, Helen daughter of Joseph also known as The Princess of African boxing is wearing down!

First was the former World title holder Dahianna Santana from the Dominican republic who Helen fought tooth and nail in San Domingo, the capital City of the sugar producing nation of Latin America, Dominican Republic.

Danianna found it safe to relinquish her prestigious IBF world Female featherweight title instead of meeting the Princess of African boxing who knows where to hit and incapacitate her opponents. Dahianna tasted Helen’s punching prowess and resilience in San Domingo in December 2012 when the two fought for the same title.

Pundits and boxing fans cited the decision with home flavor that was reached to avoid shame on the home front. Helen nevertheless did not tire but, she waited for another day with Dahianna only to be disappointed when it did not happen.

The second opponent after Dahianna was Melissa Hernandez who’s her promoter and Helens could not reach agreement for them to meet. The deal fell out after disagreement and Helen was disappointed for the second time.

The third opponent was Jennifer Han an American of Asian ethnicity who harbors both ambitions and intention of becoming the world title holder. Twice the dates set by the IBF and their promoters have fallen through without a fight.

This has been truly disappointment to Helen as she awaits yet another third date with Jennifer Han. The fight is expected to take place in El Paso, Texas, USA this coming April.

This is not the first time African boxers have avoided by their peers around the world. Richie Commey the current Commonwealth Lightweight King has had almost the same unfortunate satiation. Upon reaching the top IBF I/C ratings he was billed to meet the Champion only to be disappointed when the champ relinquished the title instead of meeting Commey.

He also met the same fate in the Commonwealth when one boxer after another run away from meeting him and when one of them finally met with him, Richie Commey took the championship belt home to rest.

Many other African boxers are meeting the same situation when their peers around the world chickens away from meeting them. This includes non international titles to title tournaments. From Europe to Asia it is all the same. African boxers are danger that is and everyone is running away from meeting them.


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