FOX Sports 1 UFC TONIGHT Show Quotes, Video Highlights and more
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FOX Sports 1 UFC TONIGHT Show Quotes, Video Highlights and more
By Doghouse Boxing (March 26, 2014)

FOX Sports 1 UFC TONIGHT Show Quotes – 3/26/14.


Florian and Sonnen Recap UFC FIGHT NIGHT: SHOGUN VS. HENDERSON, Plus Nelson and Munoz Interviews on UFC TONIGHT

LOS ANGELES, CA – On this week’s UFC TONIGHT, hosts Kenny Florian and Chael Sonnen recap the epic UFC FIGHT NIGHT: SHOGUN VS. HENDERSON. Plus, they interview Roy Nelson and Mark Munoz about their upcoming fights. Karyn Bryant and Ariel Helwani provide reports.

UFC TONIGHT Host Chael Sonnen on his fight with Wanderlei Silva being finalized: “I said I’m not fighting him in his hometown of Las Vegas. It’s got to be in a neutral location. It’s on in Sao Paulo, Brazil.”

Sonnen on Dan Henderson Tweeting that he wants to fight Lyoto Machida in place of Chris Weidman: “He was probably riding high after his victory. When we interviewed him after the fight, he said he was going out to celebrate. Then, he posted some photos of him with cervezas. He probably tweeted out that challenge then, not realizing that he’d have to cut down to 185.”

Roy Nelson on his training camp for his fight against Minotauro Nogueira: “It’s much better than my last one. There have been no illnesses for coaches or training partners. I’m looking forward to this one.”

Nelson on rumors he’s been training with Nick Diaz: “Is there a rumor? I’ve trained with Nick a couple of times for this camp.”

Nelson on if he’s better on the ground than Nogueira: “Advantage-wise? Back in the day, I’d say I was an excellent jiu-jitsu guy, but I’m old. I give him the advantage there, because he’s the legend.”

Nelson on if he’d have an advantage standing up: “I hit harder, so I always have an advantage. Look at Dan Hendo.”

Nelson on how serious he was applying for the Nevada State Athletic Commission job: “I took it seriously, just like Chael saying ‘I want to fight for the belt.’ But they made some big changes as soon as I applied, so I wouldn’t have to do the work.”

VIDEO: Roy Nelson interview:

Mark Munoz on fighting Gegard Mousasi: “He’s a very good striker. He wants to keep it on his feet. He likes to fight forward. I like when guys stay in front of me. It’s a great time to take somebody down.”

Munoz on what he learned about Mousasi watching his last fight: “He likes to pop forward. As Lyoto was getting angles, Gegard had to set feet to set up the power shot. When he set his feet, I’ll be in his face. I’m going to light him up.”

Munoz on getting assigned to cards outside the US: “It gives me a chance to travel. I’d love to fight in the United States. But I’ve never been to Berlin. It’s a historic city. I’d like to visit the Wall and I’d like to crumble Mousasi’s wall there, too.”

Munoz on who has the advantage between Weidman and Machida: “The key to victory for Chris is to close the gap and take it to the ground. For Machida, his key is to catch him coming in with knees and strikes. That’s what he’s good at. It’s very hard to pin him down. I’d say Chris has the advantage, though, because I feel he can close the gap, put Machida on his back and has very good jiu-jitsu.”

VIDEO: Mark Munoz interview:

UFC TONIGHT Insider Ariel Helwani on Chris Weidman’s knee surgery: “He’s in relatively good spirits. He’s been battling knee problems since high school. He’s had meniscal tears in both his knees since high school. It’s something he’s been battling throughout his career. About every six months, the left one would get locked up. It just happened twice in the last week and swelled up and has been painful. So he decided get it cleaned up and get a scope of the left knee and while he was at it, he decided to get the right one cleaned out as well, which was operated on in high school. He’s having surgery on Tuesday. They’re anticipating a four-week recovery and don’t expect any problems to be ready for the fight on July 5th.”

Helwani on Johny Hendricks’ surgery: “He just had successful bicep surgery on Monday. He’s back home feeling good. He has a four- to eight-week recovery and then right back to training, hoping to fight later this year.”

Helwani on some upcoming fights: “I’m hearing about a welterweight fight between Demian Maia vs. Mike Pierce to take place on the May 31 card in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’m also hearing about Daniel Cormier fighting on the July 5th Pay-Per-View card against Rafael Feijao Cavalcante.”

Sonnen on Cormier fighting Cavalcante: “Some backstory, Feijao beat King Mo, one of DC’s friends.”

VIDEO: Inside the Octagon:

UFC TONIGHT Host Kenny Florian on who’s the hardest puncher in the UFC: “I’d say Junior dos Santos. Not only is he a heavyweight and has the power, but he also has the speed. If he catches you, he’ll knock you out.”

Sonnen on the hardest puncher in the UFC: “I’d have to go with Vitor Belfort. He has the speed and accuracy and when he hits you, he’s looking to knock you out.”


UFC TONIGHT is the official weekly news and information show of the Ultimate Fighting Championship on FOX Sports 1. Veteran UFC fighter and multiple title contender Kenny Florian, light heavyweight Chael Sonnen, veteran combat sports journalist Karyn Bryant and four-time World MMA Awards Journalist of the Year Ariel Helwani bring you all the news and analysis.

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