From Mauricio Sulaimán - View on “The Moment”, Mayweather vs. Maidana
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From Mauricio Sulaimán - View on “The Moment”, Mayweather vs. Maidana
By way of Doghouse Boxing (May 8, 2014)

Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana - Doghouse Boxing
Photo © German Villasenor
From Mauricio Sulaimán. WBC View on “The Moment”.

The boxing card at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday has left the WBC with a formidable feeling for the overall success for boxing in all aspects.

First, we want to congratulate the Nevada State Athletic Commission, its chairman, Cisco Aguilar, and his fellow commissioners. The way in which the NSAC handled the major controversy, which at one point threatened to cancel the event, was exemplary, fair, and based on the rules and regulations. This incident has confirmed the extreme urgency for the WBC and all of us in the boxing industry to continue with the gloves certification program which began several years ago.

The Boxing Writers Association of America awards banquet was a sensational event. We congratulate all of the awardees, and especially Paul Williams, who has shown great determination. He was honored by the WBC by receiving the WBC Green Belt in a special moment as Honorary WBC Champion of the World. Mr. Jack Hirsch’s passion for the BWAA must be recognized, and his day-to-day work is highly effective.

Amir Khan won the WBC Silver Championship in an excellent performance, dominating Luis Collazo while knocking him down three times. The words expressed by Amir about my father, Jose Suliaman, will remain in our hearts for eternity and we cannot find ways to thank him for his gesture.

Lastly, our great WBC icon, Floyd Mayweather Jr., defended his WBC title in one of the toughest fights of his career WBA champion Marcos Maidana won the hearts of the fans with his determination, courage, and a great performance. Maidana pressured and connected, was relentless in his attack, and fought with the heart of a lion. Floyd fought a fight for the fans -- he stood toe-to-toe and eventually dominated with boxing excellency, class, speed, and power to win the fight.

Congratulations to Mayweather Promotions, Golden Boy Promotions, Showtime PPV, the MGM Grand, and all those who made this great boxing card possible. It was certainly a night to remember .

This is the first major event that I have attended in Las Vegas without the presence of my father. It has been a difficult process, but the many demonstrations of affection have made our family and myself feel very special and proud, and permit me to move forward as President of the WBC. 

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