Boxing is "The Comeback Kid!"
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Boxing is "The Comeback Kid!"
By way of Doghouse Boxing (July 19, 2015)


By Onesmo Alfred McBride Ngowi. MOSHI, TANZANIA, THE LAND OF KILIMANJARO AND ZANZIBAR: There has been an eerie in the air and for all that is known about boxing and its potential to change people lives particularly the pugilists themselves has been misconstrued for a long time.

Africa, the continent is over 1 Billion people and a very potential one is making a strong Comeback in boxing for all what it deserves. The history of boxing in the largest continent can be told with a golden tongue. It is the dynamics of the sport itself that we should be looking at and say, hey what is really happening in Africa today!

The fact is so many things are happening in boxing to the point that the sport is starting to get the attention it was once had. Governments in African continent are starting to recognized boxing as a sport if the fittest and greatest,

One email from Angola to the IBF wanted sanction during the Nation’s President birthday saying that he love the sport too much so he deserves a tournament to prove his strength in live as he celebrate his over 70s something birthday.

The story is the same in other African countries when a daughter of one President who was getting married and asked for a boxing tournament to grace the occasion. Such is boxing its glory and enchanting air of celebrations.

A friend at Boxing News had this to say about boxing ““Boxing is making a comeback. The sport has been in the doldrums for as long as anyone can remember. Some blame MMA. Some blame the NFL. Some even blame boxing, whose propensity to shoot itself in the foot is the stuff of legend.

But whatever is to blame, many of us have hoped against hope that the world would recognize boxing for all that it is, instead of dismissing it for all it is not. Even the most partisan boxing advocate knows that the past is the past and the future is now. Boxing will no sooner regain its pride of place than horseracing. But change is in the air.

Turn on the TV and boxing is everywhere. We cannot resurrect the Ghosts of Manila. We cannot turn back the hands of time. What we can do is celebrate the noble art, which has picked itself up, dusted itself off, and is punching its way back to prominence”.

Sure, we cannot blame boxing for the wrongs and mistakes that we do but ourselves. If at all we have to change the way we conduct boxing in the largest continent and bring to fore the most disciplined attitude to manage it.

If we want our boys and girls to grace the globe headlines, we need to do more than what we are doing today. We need to train our ring officials to be the most competent.

We need to train our boxing administrators to abide by the rules of the game and uphold rules and regulations that govern boxing as a professional sport.

Africa is the future. The future of boxing for all that is it and we must think of the future instead of wasting time looking backwards.

Come on Africa give me a break and let’s do it and get this one done. boxing is our sport and we love it. We need it. We deserve better treatment for our boys and girls in the ring.

AFRICA! The future is NOW and is proven by the seemingly number of our boys and girls in the ring all over the world from East to West and South to North.


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