Tori Nelson: "We don’t make anywhere near the money the Men do"
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Tori Nelson: "We don’t make anywhere near the money the Men do"
By way of Doghouse Boxing (Sept 25, 2014)

Tori Nelson
Tori Nelson
Ashburn, VA (September 25, 2014) – Tori Nelson is an undefeated multi-division world champion that earned her place on pound for pound lists. Based on her impressive success, most would believe she’s a full-time boxer that is well off financially like her male counterparts.

Unfortunately for Nelson, that’s far from the truth and every day is a challenge.

While virtually all of America is asleep, Nelson is up at 4:30 to get ready for her 5:30 am job as a waitress. When her shift ends at 2 pm, she returns home to sneak in a nap until her kids arrive home from school. At that time, she helps her children with homework and prepares their dinner. Around 6 pm, she goes to the boxing gym for 2-plus hours of intense training before returning home, reading the bible and going to bed. The 37-year-old Virginian repeats this four times a week.

“Being an undefeated world champion means everything to me but it doesn’t have the same meaning in the boxing world,” Nelson said honestly of her situation. “(Female fighters) have to work harder than the males do and we have to take care of our children but we don’t make anywhere near the money the men do. For some reason, we (don't receive) the same recognition and its unfortunate.”

Though some in her situation may have hung up the gloves in favor of a more traditional 9-5 job, Nelson never considered that because she’s gone through far too much to let life’s daily challenges deter her.

“I’m a single mother and I have to do this for my kids. My children have to eat and one of them is heading to college soon, so there’s a lot on my plate. It’s not easy but this struggle isn’t just for me, it’s for my children and my fans. People are also spending their hard earned money to see me fight so I have to do my part and give them a show. I owe it to them.”

On Saturday evening at the ABC Sports Complex in Springfield, VA, Nelson defends her title against tough Arlene Blencowe. On paper, Blencowe doesn’t have a big record but she’s already fought and beaten quality opponents. She’s also a successful mixed martial artist, winning four of her last five bouts in the octagon.

“I expect her to be very strong with great conditioning,” Nelson said of Blencowe. “She’s probably an inside fighter and that’s great for me because (I’d love if she) stands in the pocket! I trained very hard because I expect her to be very physically tough because of her all-around fighting background and the opponents she’s boxed. She’s traveling very far for this fight so I know she’s coming to win. My trainer told me you box a fighter and fight a boxer, so either way, I’m confident that I’ll win impressively on Saturday lord willing.”

The Nelson-Blencowe bout is for the WIBA welterweight title and serves as the ten round main event of Ponytail Promotions’ “World Championship Boxing”. The card features seven undercard matches including top prospect Tyrieshia Douglas, Seth Billups, Alexandru Marin, Travis Reeves, Larry Pryor, Edgar Torres and Henry Goss in separate bouts.

Tickets to “World Championship Boxing” start at $50 and are available by going to or calling 410-499-5361. Doors open at 7 pm and the opening bell will sound an hour.

For more information, go to

Founded in 2014 by respected Baltimore-based boxing businessman James Hogan, Ponytail Promotions envisions becoming one of the top promotional firms in the United States . With a keen interest in both male and female fighters, Ponytail Promotions will run a total of 10-12 shows per year in Maryland , Virginia , Washington DC and North Carolina .

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