'Hurricane' Harry Simon mano-a-mano with his adversary during weigh-in
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'Hurricane' Harry Simon mano-a-mano with his adversary during weigh-in
By Media report on Doghouse Boxing (Sept 27, 2013)

Harry Simon
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INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2013, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA - It was the moment of soul searching as the two men in the Mall found it difficult to avoid each other. These two great Light Heavyweight boxers of unique repute mingled around the Mall like two rival Buffalos. It was the moment of weigh-in to know if both of the two would make weight for their epic rumble tomorrow.

Tropical storm warning... Namibia's former two-time world champion Harry 'The Terminator' now ‘The Hurricane’ Simon is determined to return to the pinnacle of his career in the combative art of boxing and says Ajetovic will not stop him from improving his record of 28 wins. Harry Simon’s opponent Geard 'The Warrior' Ajetovic says he is a man on a mission and will do whatever it takes to beat Harry and take the IBF Light Heavyweight title home.

The first to arrive unannounced was the man form the Balkan in the Republic of Serbia to be precise. Ajetovic strolled in carrying his IBF International Super Middleweight Title belt he won early this year after disposing Przemyslaw Opalach in the much competitive rumble in Olsztyn, Poland. The motor mouth Ajetovic, with trainer Aksu Sahhaydar in tow entered the shopping Mall majestically in the company of his UK based Daniel Lutaaya of the KO1 Boxing Promotions.

Ajetovic had his moment to entertain the mob of journalists and boxing stakeholders in attendance that seemed to take unlimited photographs as he seemed to enjoy every moment of the glory. He cunningly announced that he was in Namibia to take the IBF Light Heavyweight championships belt back to Germany where he stays.

"I am here now, take as many photographs a you want" said the Serbian bomber who won the IBF International Super Middleweight Title in July this year. "I assure you that come tomorrow the belt is mine" continued Ejetovic in reference to the IBF Light Heavyweight Title belt on the table.

Score of journalists and Namibian from all walks of life crammed the shopping Mall to get their photos of the big Serbian but, all of sudden the commotions stopped when the man liken to the great Sugar Ray Robinson of the USA arrived slowly to the chanting of the present boxing stakeholders.

Harry, Harry, Harry they kept on screaming to Hurricane Harry Simon when he arrived at the shopping Mall to weigh-in ready to consume the Serbian slugger!

The Mall tuned into a photo opportunity studio as many of the journalists and boxing fans kept on taking photos of the man whom Namibians love and revere!

Hurricane Harry Simon was calm and he went straight to greet his nemesis warmly and welcomed him to Windhoek to the surprised of many people in attendances that were waiting for firefighting atmosphere! Suddenly the hospitable side of Hurricane Harry Simon was in display for his critics and fans alike to witness.

Hurricane Harry Simon weighed 79.25 kgs while the man from the Balkan weighed 78.50 kgs and were pronounced ready to fight on tomorrow by the presiding IBF Supervisor Onesmo Ngowi from Tanzania, the land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, Ngorongoro and Serengeti.

The other weigh-in of the day in the same room involved the King of the IBF AMEPG Featherweight crown Gottlieb Ndokosho of Namibia who weighed 56.55 kgs to his rival and Paraguayan challenger Feliciano Dario Azuga's .57 kgs respectively.

The two would fight for the IBF AMEPG Featherweight Title tomorrow as the main supporting card in the Hurricane Harry Simon's IBF International Light Heavyweight rumble.

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