Dana White: "That's the best featherweight title fight I’ve ever seen" - UFC 179 Post fight Highlights, quotes / videos
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Dana White: "That's the best featherweight title fight I’ve ever seen" - UFC 179 Post fight Highlights, quotes / videos
By way of Doghouse Boxing (Oct 26, 2014)

UFC President Dana White
UFC President Dana White
FOX SPORTS 2 UFC 179 POSTFIGHT SHOW Quotes and Videos from Saturday night action.

CRUZ ON ALDO VS MENDES: “THIS WAS AN AMAZING FIGHT. YOU CAN’T DO ANTHING BUT RESPECT BOTH THESE GUYS.”                                                       

Cormier and Cruz Break Down UFC 179 Bouts   

LOS ANGELES, CA – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s UFC 179 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FOX SPORTS 2. The show washosted by Jay Glazer, with UFC light heavyweight contender Daniel Cormier and bantamweight contender Dominick Cruz providing analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews on-site.                                  

UFC ON FOX Analyst Dominick Cruz on Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes: “This became an all-out boxing match. Both were rocked in the fight and both showed heart and fought through it. This was an amazing fight. You can’t do anything but respect both those guys.”   

UFC ON FOX analyst Daniel Cormier on Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes: “Aldo proves once again why he’s the cream of the crop. A lot of rounds were very close. Aldo got up and put damage on his face. It was much closer than the judge’s cards said. I was surprised that Mendes didn’t attempt more take downs.”   

Cruz on Aldo’s fighting style: “He kind of waits and gets pissed off, then starts marching forward throwing bombs. He’ll wait, and then throw three or four punches in a row. His speed never goes down. He throws to the body and the head. It’s really hard to get a read on him.”   

Cormier on what sets Aldo apart: “Jose Aldo doesn’t waste punches. When he does, he’s planted and he throws with all the power from his legs and body, using all his body.”   

Cormier on what the fighters learned in the fight: “They both showed evolution and learned something about themselves. Mendes knows he can compete against the best in the world now.  Aldo knows he doesn’t get tired in the championship rounds.”   

Jose Aldo on if he thought he won the fight: “I had three knockdowns, so I knew I had three rounds.”   

Aldo on if he knew he landed a punch after the round ended: “I was waiting for the ref to stop the round. I could not hear it.”  

Aldo on if he felt pressure being the last Brazilian champion: “I was just fighting for myself. I was happy to win.”   

Aldo on if he wants to fight Conor McGregor next: “It’s not for me to say. That’s the UFC’s choice. I’ll fight whoever they choose.”   

VIDEO: Aldo Interview 


VIDEO: Highlights: Aldo defeats Mendes 


Cormier on how Phil Davis beat Glover Teixeira: “He used his jab early to establish the range. Then he used good old American wrestling. Phil was good in college at riding people and he did that here. But what he did tonight was Phil was controlling Glover’s inside wrist. Glover got frustrated and was getting taken down easier as the fight went on.”   

Cruz on what Davis did to win: “By controlling that wrist, Davis could continue to drag Teixeira down and stay on top of him. Then Glover had to carry all of Phil’s weight when he tried to get back up. There’s nothing more demoralizing than that. Phil made changes in his striking. He didn’t do a lot of damage, but didn’t put him in danger either. It’s hard to notice, but he didn’t take a lot of risks. There are so many tricky things he does when he strikes. He’d throw his punches and move his head off the center line. He got Glover to chase him and then took him down.”   

Phil Davis on his win over Glover Teixeira: “I had to make a statement tonight and I wanted to win every round and win every minute of every round.”   

Davis on wanting to fight Anderson Silva: “He’s the triple crown of Brazilians. He’s fought tough guys out of his class before. He’s a great guy. I have nothing but respect for him. This is the fight game. It’s nothing personal. He’s the best there is.”   

VIDEO: Davis Interview 


VIDEO: Highlights: Davis defeats Teixeira 


UFC President Dana White on Aldo vs. Mendes: “That’s the best featherweight title fight I’ve ever seen. It lived up to my expectations. This was a great fight for Jose and Chad was in shape coming in and brought out the best in Jose.”   

White on if he thought Aldo landed his punches after the bell: “You couldn’t hear the bell go off here. It was so loud in the arena. I didn’t hear it. My phone was blowing up afterward saying it was a cheap shot, but you couldn’t hear the bell.”   

White on if McGregor will get the next title fight: “Jose just finished this fight. We could have a fight between those guys in summer. Jose’s pretty banged up and he takes time off after his title fights. McGregor has got to get past Dennis, first.”   

White on if he was impressed by Davis: “Yes. Glover is a guy who hits hard and has good wrestling. Davis did a great job. He completely dominated the fight after the first round.”   

VIDEO: Dana White Interview 


McGregor on who he thought won Aldo vs. Mendes: “It was a phenomenal contest. I have so much respect for both of them.”   

McGregor on how he matches up against Aldo: “He showed his heart and will in there. He showed his frustration as well. I feel if I connect, it will end. That’s the difference between me and them.”   

VIDEO: Highlights: Fabio Maldonado TKO’s Hans Stringer 


VIDEO: Watch fans go crazy as Anderson Silva enters the arena in Rio. 


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