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World Boxing Council News & Hook To The Liver
By Doghouse Boxing (Nov 5, 2013)

World Boxing Council Convention
-Front table, left to right: Alberto Leon, Robert Lenhardt, Bob Logist, Charles Giles, Mauricio Sulaiman, Rex Walker, Houcine Houichi; back row: Luis Medina; photo/WBC-
The general assembly meeting on Tuesday at the 51st annual World Boxing Council Convention was devoted to ratings, led by WBC Executive Director Mauricio Sulaiman and the WBC Board of Governors.

The WBC Ratings Committee includes Chairman Frank Quill, Australia; Vice Chairman Claude Jackson, USA; Mauro Betti, Italy; Victor Cota, Mexico; Mikhail Denisov, Russia; Alberto Guerra, Panama; Nicolas Hidalgo, Venezuela; Dean Lohuis, USA (not in attendance); Ken Morita, Japan; Ed Pearson, Canada; Carlos Rodriguez, Argentina; Peter Stucki, Switzerland; Edward Thangarajah, Thailand; Daniel Van de Wiele, Belgium; Robert Yalen, USA (not in attendance); and secretary Luis Medina, Mexico.

The convention ratings will be published soon. Mandatory world title defenses will be addressed on Wednesday.

Many of the promoters, their associates, and other fighter representatives attending the convention participated in the ratings meeting, including Tom Loeffler, K2 Promotions; Raul Jaimes, Golden Boy Promotions; Sampson Lewkowicz, Sampson Boxing, who also represented Top Rank; Yvon Michel, GYM; Akihiko Honda, Teiken Promotions; Christian Cherchi, OPI 2000; Oswaldo Kuchle, Promociones del Pueblo; Gary Shaw, GSP; Andrew Wasilewski, KnockOut Promotions; Hagen Doering, Sauerland Event; Naris Singwangcha; Ricky Hatton, Hatton Promotions; Surachart Pisitwuttinan and Thainchai Pisitwuttinan, Nakornloung Promotion; Don Majeski; Joe Koizumi; Virat Vachiraratanawongse and Piyarat Vachiraratanawongse, Petchyindee Boxing Promotion; Christophe Tiozzo; Johnny Elorde; Mickey Elliott; Jesse Rodriguez; Shingo Suzuki; Philippe Fondu; Oleg Ladik and Roman Valesiuk, Elite Boxing Promotions; Vladimir Hrunov; Roland Jankelson; Malte Müller Michaelis; and others.

The ring officials seminars were held in the morning. The judges’ seminar was led by WBC Ring Officials Chairman Hubert Minn of Hawaii, and the referees’ seminar was led by WBC Ring Officials Co-Chairman Bruce McTavish of the Philippines.

The following is one of the weekly “Hook to the Liver” columns that have been published in El Universal every Sunday for the last five years and written by WBC President Jose Sulaiman.

This column was written by his children - Pepe, Lucy, Hector, Fernando, Mauricio, and Claudia - while he recovers from surgery. From November 3, translated from Spanish:


From Our Champion’s Corner

This is the 10th round of the fight and Sulaimán, our champion, is clearly up on the scorecards. His performance in the ring has surprised everyone, and though he had a couple of knockdowns at the beginning of the fight, at this point, his superiority over his challenger is absolutely clear. We knew our champion was a loved man but we hadn’t imagined how much. His corner is formed by great champions who have guided and encouraged him. We were cheering him on and all of the sudden we heard a lot of noise. Imagine our surprise when the ICU curtain opened and there he was - the Greatest, the King of Boxing, Muhammad Ali! It was one of the most exciting afternoons we have had when Sulaimán raised his guard and showed the biggest smile to his champion and friend. They held hands and prayed together. José couldn’t stop thanking him for his visit and openly told him how much he loved him. Ali looked at him and smiled. These minutes touched our hearts to tears.

Sergio "Maravilla" Martínez went to Rome to attend a personal visit with Pope Francisco in which he dedicated several valuable minutes of his time to request a special benediction from the Pope for Don José. He publically offered him his championship belt, but in a private audience, The Holy Pontiff did something special - he asked Sergio for a personal object of Sulaimán, but he only had a certificate with Don Jose’s signature. Pope Francisco took that paper, blessed it, folded it twice and said, "Take this to Don José Sulaimán, tell him this brings God’s Blessing to him." He also sent him a blessed Rosary that our Dad took in his hands and placed over his chest with such incredible devotion.

Then Mike Tyson came along, and he was with Don José for quite a while. Sulaimán had had his first fall and was confused. He wasn’t sure he recognized his former champion and friend, but Mike did remember with profound feelings that one of the only three people who visited him in jail was his friend José Sulaimán. He was so moved that he cried when he saw our dad.

Halfway through the fight - Julio César Chávez and Julio César Junior. Julio Senior greeted him with his traditional "Quiubo mi Licenciado balín" (a joke he has always played on him meaning he is supposedly a leader). Sulaimán was very excited since it was he who first told Julio "Mi campeón balín" (meaning he is supposedly a champ). The man from Sonora approached him to instruct him after such a bad round, and Don José got up from his stool to win the following one. From then on, it was his new fighting strategy that worked well and keeps him high in his points.

We will never stop thanking everybody for their interest in our father’s health. The list of phone calls is enormous, the masses dedicated to his recovery, the praying of Rosaries for his improvement, and the visits of several WBC members who have come to cheer him up and have injected him with the necessary vitality and energy for his total recuperation.

While we wait for the 11th round bell, we keep the cold plate against our champions’ cheek to lower any inflammation, and are happy to continue narrating this battle that has had a little bit of everything, but always happy for the results.

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