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Update: International Boxing Federation Africa (IBF/Africa)
By way of Dog House Boxing (Sept 9, 2015)

International Boxing Federation Africa (IBF/Africa)
International Boxing Federation Africa (IBF/Africa)
By Marunda Oko Kitaru. DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA: A day after winning the “Nyerere Golden Award” on the best services to the community across Africa Middle East & Persian Gulf, IBF/Africa has become a sorted after organization as score of corporate executives pay courtesy visits.

Tony Kabetha the Managing Director of “Study Abroad Tanzania Limited” that send hundreds of African students to top international universities around the world was the first high profile corporate leader to pay courtesy visit to the President of IBF/Africa.

On the heels of Mr. Kabetha, two top airlines (Etihad Airways and Air Seychelles) visited the offices of IBF/Africa this morning.

Bertha Kageuka (pictured) “A Key Account Manager” with Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi residing in Dar Es Salaam represented the company during the courtesy visit.

Ms. Kageuka outlined her company’s plan to launch daily flights from Dar Es Salam to Abu Dhabi starting from December 1st this year.

Etihad Airways is the top notch Airline in the world owned by the oil rich Kingdom of Abu Dhabi with routes all over the world. This is the only airlines with all type of planes and classes from Economy, Business, First Class, Luxury Cabins and Flats that serves up to seven stars passengers.

IBF/Africa being the large sporting tourism in Africa, Middle East & Persian Gulf would like to link with Etihad Airways on its network of activities across the region.

On the heels of “Etihad Airways” is “Air Seychelles” that also operate Etihad Airways on its routes from Dar Es Salaam to Seychelles and to Abu Dhabi on the daily schedules.

Ms. Maimuna Rugambwa, Key Manager with Air Seychelles outlined her company’s business activities and care as being superior to many other airlines. Air Seychelles flies to all part of the world where IBF/Africa conducts its business activities.

A medium size Air Seychelles plows on twice a daily flights from Dar Es Salaam to India, Dubai, London, Paris, New York through Seychelles with many airline partners including Etihad. Currently Air Seychelles fly to Abu Dhabi 10 times a week.

Air Seychelles schedule fights is highlighted as; Seychelles Abu Dhabi – 14 times a week, Seychelles Mumbai - 4 times a week, Seychelles Paris – 3 times a week direct from Seychelles to Paris and daily via Abu Dhabi. They also fly to Direct from Seychelles to Mauritius, Madagascar and Johannesburg.

With such rich partners, IBF/Africa would spread its wing across Africa, Middle East & Persian Gulf easily and reach as many countries as possible.

The “Nyerere Golden Award” is the great award that has propelled IBF/Africa to the different level and identifies it as the caring and well managed sporting organization.

The award has its inherent values in the community development and as the way to nature and develops skills for young sports leaders.

The envisaged collaboration will boost tourism in Africa, Middle East & Persian Gulf as it promote its world's renowned national parks many of which have been declared world heritage sites by the United Nations.