Vyacheslav Senchenko Victorious In Donetsk - Boxing Results
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Vyacheslav Senchenko Victorious In Donetsk - Boxing Results
By SecondsOut on Doghouse Boxing (Aug 28, 2013)

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By Dmytro Mossienko: Ukraine’s union Box Promotion held a very successful evening of the professional boxing at the Donbass Arena on Ukraine’s Independence day on Saturday.  

Ukraine’s former WBA welterweight champion Vyacheslav Senchenko in a tuned up fight for his October clash with Kel Brook in Yorkshire, England, stopped Argentina’s Carlos Adan Jeres in round four of their 10 round fight at Donbass Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine.

With fomer undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis and Ukraine’s richest man Renat Akhmetov in attendance, Carlos Jerez, rugged 34 journeyman, who survived during his lengthy career the likes of Lucas Mathysse, showed no respect for Senchenko and even looked stronger, landing some awkward shots in first rounds.  

However, by round four Senchenko pretty much had clear understanding of what to do with the brave son of Argentina. His stiff left jab frustrated Jerez. An unintentional head butt made the way to the final episode just a little bit longer. With less than one minute left till the end of the fight, Senchenko’s right jab and left hook sent Jerez to the canvas for the full count.  

In the main event of the evening Ukraine’s interim WBA super middleweight champ Stas Kashtanov stopped Jaime El Indio Barboza from Costa Rica in the 10th round. Barboza was cautious in round one, but stepped up the gas in round two and clearly won the round. Kashtanov punished the Cost Rican in round three with a slashing left hook and continued mounting pressure in round four. However.  

Barboza demonstrated pretty good condition. He had time to build up shape, as the contract was signed early enough, and he changed tactics, sometimes running around, sometimes making dangerous entries to the inside. Kashtanov adjusted his tactics according to the opponent and landed increasingly his dangerous left hook and right upper cuts.  

By round six Kashtanov’s relentless pressure started to translate into new realities: Barboza started eating increasingly more leather. Still, he sent a very good right cross in the “window” of his much taller Ukrainian opponent! Getting increasingly more punishment, Barboza never ceased to look for more opportunities, and in the very end of round six caught Kashtanov with double uppercut to the head!!  

Kashtanov controlled the initiative even when Barboza launched another wave of attacks at the beginning of round seven. Kashtanov caught him with very unexpected and vicious body shot. Kashtanov continued to punish El Indio with body shots, and as Barboza protected the body, sent clear shots to the head!! Latin fighter did all to survive till the end of the round.  

In round nine Kashtanov increasingly often caught his opponent on the ropes and punished him with slashing hooks and uppercuts. Kashtanov’s relentless jab drained the Costa Rican. In round 10 El Indio caught Kashtanov with some decent right and left hooks, however, by the middle of the round his gas tank was nearly empty. Fortunately for him, his right glove needed to be fixed and the judge sent him to the corner. Exhausted Barboza launched final attack, but Kashtanov quietly changed the angle and started landing one punch after another with brutal right uppercut . Barboza ate so much leather, that the public demanded to stop the fight for the sake of humanity, but El Indio remained on his feet. Then, all of a sudden, he realized, that it would be better to take a knee. And he remained on the knee for the full count, so badly he was hurt!
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