Omar Henry Dies - Let us make a change together in the War on Cancer

Prospect Omar Henry Dies - Let us make a change together
By Vikram Birring, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 3, 2013)

Omar Henry passed away - Let us make a change together
Having the chance to spend a lot of time with Omar Henry many times through the years as he trained at Houston’s Savannah Boxing Gym, memories recall that he had a bodacious, radiant personality. Always smiling and willing to take a picture with any asking fan, he was a down to earth fellow with a good heart.

Life ends where it starts sometimes, and the last few weeks of Henry’s life were spent in the University of Chicago hospital alongside his close family, who at the end of the day are the only ones by your side in critical times. A victim of stage 4 cancer, Henry was unable to reach his last goal, to live to his 26th birthday.

Personally, this tragedy really strikes at home, as my brother was also diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2002 at the age of 15, but he was one of the fortunate ones that survived, despite a 40% chance of living at initial diagnosis.

This issue is bigger than Omar Henry. There are many like him, and will be many more unfortunately. The focus now must become on how some progress can be made on the issue of cancer as a whole and how it is handled.

More must be done for the prevention of cancer. At this time, all the focus is on the treatment, as this is a boon for pharmaceuticals, but as the book The Secret War On Cancer states very clearly and eloquently, instead of following the money, we as people must put the onus on lawmakers to prevent this problem. This will save not only money, but lives in the long run. This is simply the right thing to do, and at some point needs to be done. Life is priceless, and you can’t have it back once it’s gone. Let us make a change together.

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