Miami Boxing Promoter Henry Rivalta
Interview By Brad Marchetti, Doghouse Boxing (May 7, 2009)  
The boxing promotions game is not an easy one but 37-year old Miami promoter Henry Rivalta is finally making his mark in the city of women, weather and waves. Rivalta has been a major player in the resurging South Florida fight scene with his well-matched cards that cater to the patrons who thirst for the sweet science of bruising.

I got a chance to catch up with the dapper Cuban promoter who also owns his own gym Top Level Boxing. Rivalta’s next show will be Friday Night Fights in Miami May 15th with a fight card that will feature some of Miami’s hottest prospects in action.

Marchetti: Henry, what do you think makes your shows different?

Henry Rivalta: I think my shows have hardcore boxing enthusiasts that create an excitement in the air. I’m trying to bring boxing back to Miami the way it was when it was the Mecca of boxing. I think Miami is one of the hottest cities. New York and Las Vegas have major boxing and I think Miami also will sooner or later. I think what also separates us from other shows is that we try to put on well-matched bouts and not just throw bums out there. We even match our own guys tough. My shows also have been family friendly. I still have not had an incident with fights or anything like that. Our V.I.P section is also top-notch with the customers getting treated right with food, drinks and top-flight service.

Marchetti: When is the next show?

The next show is May 15th . Undefeated Jr. middleweight Tony Roman will be fighting in a 10-rounder in the main event for the vacant W.B.O Latino title. In the co-main event will be 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist Yan Barthelemy. Also on the card will be amateur standout Jareem Bryant. Lots of local talent will be featured, Stalin Lopez, Emmanuel Agustama, Wilky Camfort, Hicklet Lau and Henry Fuentes will all be in action.

Marchetti: Who are some of your top prospects?

I have two top prospects, Jr. Middleweight Tony Roman and Bantamweight Yan Barthelemy. Roman has the opportunity to be the first fighter in history to capture a W.B.O Latino title in just 10 fights . If Tony wins this fight he will most likely be ranked in the top-20 in most of the rankings. Winning the title I think would be a step-up for Tony with some added commitment of defending the belt . I think Tony is something special and he really doesn’t worry about his opponents. Tony is such a warrior that all he tells me is to make sure that his opponents show up so that he can do his job. Tony now has added strength training to his regimen under the guidance of Alberto Ruiz who was part of the Cuban National team. Tony also has excellent boxing trainers in Herman Cacedo and Carlos Albuerne. Tony does a lot of sparring with quality pro’s like Richard Guitterrez and Antwone Smith. Roman spars 12-round sessions with up to 3 different partners who all come in fresh to test him which is great for defense. I think that Roman could match up very well with either Alfredo Angulo or Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. when the money is right.

Marchetti: How much of your time is now devoted to boxing?

Since I wake up until I sleep I have been consumed by boxing for the last year and a half. I have been doing one show after another trying to secure each and every angle. It’s hard work and it took about $100,000 to really learn. I still will stop at nothing to put on a show but now I am more cautious with finances and such. I have been co-promoting with other promotional companies like Richie Boy Promotions and would eventually like to co-promote a show with Golden Boy. Oscar De La Hoya and Roberto Duran were my favorite fighters. It would be a nice feat for me to do a show with De La Hoya. I think it would indicate that I have come a long way.

Friday Night Fights In Miami Fight Card May 15th From The Mahi Temple

Tony Roman vs. Kendall Mena
(W.B.O Latino Championship) 12-rounds Jr. Middleweights

Yan Barthelemy vs. Robert Da Luz
(W.B.C Latino Championship) 12-rounds Bantamweights

Henry Fuentes vs. TBA
6-rounds Heavyweights

Stalin Lopez vs. Angino Perez
6-rounds Jr. Welterweights

Hicklet Lau vs. Jose Roman
6-rounds Welterweights

Wilky Campfort vs. TBA
4-rounds Middleweight

Emmanuel Agustama vs. Jorge Flores
4- rounds Heavyweights

Jareem Bryant vs. TBA
4-rounds Lightweights

Xavier Burgos vs. TBA
4-rounds Jr. Welterweights.

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