Juan Urango Bio - “Twin Tyson” Tale-Of-The-Tape
By Brad Marchetti, Doghouse Boxing (May 30, 2009)  
Fighters that put their opponents in the E.R are the ones that put asses in the seats and usually get paid the big bucks. Southpaw Colombian brawler Juan Urango aka. Twin Tyson is a KO artist cut from the same warriors cloth of a prime Mike Tyson. At a tank-like 5’7”, Urango is a seek and destroy slugger that hurls power punches with bad intentions behind them. Blessed with long, powerful arms attached to a body builders physique, Urango has great leverage that produces explosive power. Juan knows how to use his strength to his advantage by applying suffocating pressure along with vicious body shots. Occasionally Urango has a bad habit of smothering his punches on the inside when he is overeager to score a KO. An improved southpaw jab sets up Urango’s two money punches: the overhand left and right hook. Both of these punches come from an unusual angle and land with some serious thump.

Despite his abundance of offensive firepower Twin Tyson’s limitations were exposed in his biggest fight to date against Ricky Hatton over 2 years ago. Stiff and slow footed, Urango was incapable of cutting the ring off Hatton and was thoroughly outboxed. Despite having fast hands, Juan is a wide puncher that telegraphs to many punches making him vulnerable to counterpunches.

The Colombian is also somewhat one-dimensional with no plan B if plan A is not working. With his all-out attack and squared off stance, Urango is also hittable. Urango has some serviceable side-to-side head movement ala. Mike Tyson, but the movements are much slower than Tyson’s. Urango has a great chin and is well-conditioned but his prime could be short-lived if he takes punishment in a couple more fights.

Juan Urango “Twin Tyson” Tale-Of-The-Tape

From: Miami, Florida via Colombia
Ht. 5’7”
Wt. 140
Age: 28
Reach: 71”
Style: Brawler

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