Boxing Photos - Marcos Maidana Exposes Victor Ortiz In A War
Report by Brad Marchetti, Photos © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing (June 28, 2009)  
Sometimes all of the skill and style cannot overcome pure heart and will. That was the case Saturday night when a rugged Argentine named Marcos Maidana broke the will of 22-year old super prospect Victor Ortiz. The fight was a candidate for fight of the year with 5 knockdown in 5 rounds. In the end however, the less polished, both personally and fighting wise, Maidana, punished Ortiz. Maidana cashed in as a +425 underdog for his boxing betting players.

The fight started fast and furious with both men hitting the canvas. Ortiz raked Maidana with a right hook midway through round 1 that put the Chinese\Argentine on the seat of his trunks. Within a few seconds of beating the count, Maidana, pumped a brutal straight right into Ortiz’s mug that dropped him hard. Ortiz was able to survive the round on shaky legs. The brawl picked right up where it left off in round 2 with Ortiz dropping Maidana with :30 seconds remaining with a beautiful short right hook. Maidana beat the count and Ortiz tried to close the show and almost did when he dropped Maidana again with another right hook. Maidana stubbornly beat the count as the round ended. The Victor Ortiz vs. Marcos Maidana OVER\UNDER was at 8.5 rounds.

In the 3rd and 4th rounds Ortiz’s sharper punches and boxing skills started to help him separate himself from Maidana. In round 5 the tide shifted to Maidana’s side as he battered Ortiz with right hands and split Ortiz over his right eye. At the beginning of the 6th Maidana pounced on his wounded foe and used a swarming attack to back Ortiz into a corner. A left hook dig to the liver put Ortiz on the floor in the corner just :30 seconds into the round. With a badly swollen left eye, cut forehead and broken spirit, Ortiz quit. The official time of the “Dr.’s TKO stoppage” was :46 of the 6th round. Ortiz stated after the fight that he quit because he wanted to be able to “speak well” later in life, and “didn’t think that he deserved to get beat up like this”. Mr. Ortiz, you are a gifted athlete but this is not the sport for you. Boxing is the most hardcore of hardcore sports and is not meant for those who put high value in self-preservation. Great fight Victor, hang up your gloves.

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