EXCLUSIVE! Alexis Arguello Family Statement
Report by Brad Marchetti, Doghouse Boxing (July 3, 2009)  
Growing up in Miami, FL I had the privilege of growing up with Alexis Arguello’s sons Alexis Sr., Roberto and Diego. I am closest to Roberto, the middle son, who was also my trainer for my first amateur boxing match. Roberto’s mom Loretta, who was Alexis’s former wife, was like a mother to me before she passed away from cancer last year. Loretta was a wonderful woman who made me home cooked meals and gave me various boxing tips from her experiences being around Alexis. “You have to give your whole life to boxing to make it, lots of sacrifice and pain,” Loretta would tell me. Although
I never met the “Explosive Thin Man” Alexis Arguello in person, I heard many stories about him both boxing and personal from Loretta. I got a chance to talk to my close friend Roberto who had a few things that he wanted to say about his father’s passing.

“We are all upset and shocked obviously about my dad dying. I want people to know that he was a good man. My mom always said that he was the most respectful and quality man that ever courted her. Inside the ring my father was a god. Outside the ring my father was human with his own problems like anyone else. My dad was tough on me and my brothers growing up but he made us into Arguello’s, tough. My dad had a temper and wasn’t always fun to be around especially before fights but he treated us right. As a boxer my dad believed in himself tremendously and that was one of the things that carried him so far. As far as his death goes it is hard for me and my brothers to believe that my dad would take his own life. Shooting himself in the chest in such a painful way does not seem likely and we do think foul play was involved.”

Alexis Arguello Tale-Of-The-Tape

Ht. 5’10”
Wt. 126-140
Reach: 72”
Record: 82-8 (65)
Best Fights: KO by 14 Aaron Pryor, KO 14 Ray Mancini, KO 13 Alfredo Escalera

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