Zab Judah vs Joshua Clottey Preview
By Brad Marchetti, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 2, 2008) (Photo © Ed Mullholland/HBO)  
In a crossroads fight between two welterweight contenders Zab Judah vs Joshua Clottey will answer some questions tonight on HBO at 9:30 ET from Las Vegas. Judah is coming off a lackluster points wins over a couple journeyman. Meanwhile, Joshua "The Hitter" Clottey is riding a 4 fight winning streak against solid opposition after losing a close decision to Antonio Margarito. This is a fight for respect for Clottey who came up the ranks the hard way while the amateur stud Judah has been a star since entering the pro ranks. The boxing betting odds for the Zab Judah vs Joshua Clottey preview have Clottey as a -260 favorite.

Joshua Clottey is an effective technician with excellent defense and the versatility to fight inside or outside. Clottey has a stifling jab, above-average handspeed and enough power to finish off a hurt opponent. With a training regime that includes 9-17 miles of roadwork per day, Clottey is a superbly conditioned athlete. One weakness in Clottey's game has been his chronically weak hands. Despite Clottey's frail mitts he has the heart and desire to fight through pain as he did against Margarito for 12 rounds. Clottey takes a very good punch and has a tight defense that is tough to penetrate. Clottey knows how to counterpunch effectively with a sneaky left hook that has some boom behind it. At a ripped 5'9" Clottey is a big welterweight that can fight at a torrid pace if necessary. The boxing betting OVER\UNDER for the Zab Judah vs Joshua Clottey preview is at 9.5 ROUNDS with the OVER at -185.

30-year old veteran Zab Judah is one of the most gifted boxers in boxing today but his mental and physical conditioning have always left something to be desired. Judah has great hand and footspeed with the ability to make opponents miss with smart head movement. When at his best in the early rounds, the Brooklyn bomber can dominate with his pure athleticism. Judah throws lots of power punches from his southpaw stance with bad intentions that keep opponents mostly on the defensive in the early rounds. Judah has some thump in both hands but his power really doesn't translate that well against top opposition. Zab usually is explosive until about the 5th or 6th round when he typically starts fading. Zab doesn't fight very well once he is tired and becomes easily frustrated. Having been on the floor and KO'd previous bouts Judah also has shown a mediocre chin against bigger punchers. Judah is a rhythm fighter that is great when in a groove until the momentum of a fight swings against him.

This is a pivotal fight for both of these New York fighters in determining their financial future. Zab Judah fouled up a big-money fight with Shane Mosley and now must deal with a motivated Joshua Clottey for half the money. Clottey is a largely unknown fighter that is eager to show that he belongs with boxing's elite. This fight may very well come down to which one of these fighters can be more consistent. When he is on, Zab Judah is one of the best in the world. When unfocused however, Judah is barely above-average. Which Zab Judah will show up tonight? Can Joshua Clottey seize the moment on the big stage to secure some future big-money paydays?

Zab Judah vs Joshua Clottey Preview Tale of the Tape

Zab Judah

Ht. 5'7"
WT. 147 Lbs.
Reach: 72"
Age: 30
Record: 36-5 (25)

Joshua Clottey
Ht. 5'9"
WT. 147 Lbs.
Reach: 70"
Age: 31
Record: 34-2 (20)

Zab Judah vs Joshua Clottey Preview Power Ratings

Zab Judah

Size: 6
Power: 7
Speed: 10
Stamina: 6
Defense: 8
Chin: 6
Legs: 9
Jab: 7
In-Fighting: 7
Ring IQ: 9
Heart: 7

Overall: 82

Joshua Clottey

Size: 8
Power: 6
Speed: 8
Stamina: 9
Defense: 8
Chin: 9
Legs: 7
Jab: 8
In-Fighting: 7
Ring IQ: 8
Heart: 8

Overall: 86

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