How To Beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.
By Brad Marchetti, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 19, 2009) Photo © Hogan Photos/ GBP  
The big question on most gamblers minds in the Floyd Maywether Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez fight is how Marquez can beat Mayweather’s amazing speed and defense.

Mayweather’s supersonic speed has been a huge factor to him being the best pound-4-pound fighter on the planet and Marquez is no speed demon. With this disadvantage readily present I turned to legendary NY trainer Milton LaCroix to find out how it is possible to beat Mayweather and his incredible speed and slickness.

Here is what Milton LaCroix had to say:

“First of all if you want to be able to beat Mayweather you have to be willing to die in that ring and Marquez seems to have that going for him after downing his own urine (chuckles). One way to beat speed is with a well-timed stiff jab. Marquez has a pretty good jab but you need a great jab. Another thing a fighter has to do against Mayweather is not give him an inch to breathe. You have to rough Mayweather up and fight a dirty fight against him. I would tell Marquez to beat up his arms and shoulders to the point that he couldn’t lift his Fu@#ng arms. You not only have to throw hard punches at Floyd non-stop but also for a every minute of every round which takes great conditioning.”

In the HBO series Mayweather vs. Marquez 24\7 Marquez has been working on improving his hand speed and it seems that he has gotten quicker. Marquez is known as a counterpuncher but he did throw over 80 punches per round against Juan Diaz in his last fight so he has the ability to volume punch and apply pressure. Marquez does appear to be in incredible shape for this fight but he is 36-years old. Marquez is the smaller man naturally but he has put on a significant amount of muscle and looks strong.

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