Bernard Hopkins vs Kelly Pavlik: Bernard Hopkins Fighter Focus
By Brad Marchetti, DoghouseBoxing (Oct 15, 2008) (Photo © HBO)  
Bernard Hopkins will be back in the ring Saturday night to try and recapture the Undisputed Middleweight champion against Kelly Pavlik. The Bernard Hopkins vs Kelly Pavlik fight will feature the 43-year old superstar Hopkins’s against the lead fisted bomber from Ohio.

It can be argued that the Philly fighter has only been beaten twice in his career by Roy Jones Jr. almost 15 years ago and in his last fight against Joe Calzaghe. The boxing betting odds for the Bernard Hopkins vs Kelly Pavlik
fight favor Pavlik at a wide 7-2 chalk.

The 6’1” Hopkins fought most of his career as a 160 Lb. fighter but he has transformed himself into a rock solid 175 Lb. boxer with the help of fitness guru Mackie Shilstone. Hopkins is currently trained by former champ John David Jackson who adds to the brilliant boxing IQ that Hopkins possess.

Few fighters in the game are as tough as Hopkins who has an unflappable will and chin. Bernard still has agility but he has lost a couple steps in the speed department. As a boxer Bernard can pretty much adapt to any style and he can do everything very well: Slug, box, counterpunch or be slick. B-Hop has pretty much every punch in the book but his left hook has the most juice. Hopkins is still regarded as a top tier boxer but his fighting odometer is running high.

The boxing betting odds OVER\UNDER for the Bernard Hopkins vs Kelly Pavlik fight is 11.5 Rounds with the UNDER at -200.

Kelly Pavlik vs Bernard Hopkins is a very stiff test for the young determined champion Pavlik. Pavlik has all the tools but Hopkins has a ton of brains. B-Hop would be best to potshot and clinch Pavlik often. Hopkins does not have the firepower or chin to be trading with a killer like Kelly. Pavlik is a tad on the slow side and Hopkins has a very quick lead straight right that could catch Pavlik in pursuit.

Bernard Hopkins Power Ratings 1-10 Marchetti Scale

*Power: 6 (* indicates x200%)
Size: 7
Speed: 6
Stamina: 7
Defense: 8
Chin: 9
Cuts: 9
Heart\Killer Instinct: 8
Legs: 6
Jab\Reach: 6
In-Fighting: 7
Ring IQ: 10
Peak: 5

Marchetti Rating: 9.0

Kelly Pavlik vs Bernard Hopkins Boxing Betting Odds

Kelly Pavlik -350 to -410

Bernard Hopkins +250 to +320

Kelly Pavlik vs Bernard Hopkins Tale-of-The Tape


Ht. 6'3"
Wt. 160-168
Age: 26
Reach 75"
Record: 34-0 (30)
Style: Puncher\Boxer
Best Punch: Straight Right


Ht. 6'1"
Wt. 160-175
Age 43
Reach: 75"
Record: 48-5-1 (32)
Style: Counterpuncher\Mover
Best Punch: Left Hook

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