Glen Johnson Profile: Dawson vs Johnson Boxing Odds
By Brad Marchetti, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 7, 2009)  
Tonight on HBO Glen Johnson will take on Chad Dawson for the W.B.C light-heavyweight title in a rematch that left Johnson on the short end of a decision in their first bout. The first fight was close but Johnson unquestionably won the fight by busting up the young champion and almost scoring a KO late in the fight. The 27-year old Chad Dawson has been instilled as a 4-1 favorite but I decided to look in-depth at Glen Johnson to see if that bloated spread is warranted. The Glen Johnson vs. Chad Dawson Moneyline is Dawson -450.

Glen Johnson Boxing Picks Analysis: At a well-preserved 5’11” 175 lbs., the shaven skulled bull-like Johnson applies pressure equivalent to a trash compactor. Although largely perceived as an offensive fighter, it’s Johnson’s well-crafted defense that keeps him among boxing’s elite. Glen makes terrific use of his hands, arms, shoulders and elbows to deflect incoming blows, frustrating his opponents immensely.

A dedicated professional, Johnson can be found at Thump Boxing in Miami training 6 days per week. I was able to speak with some of Johnson’s former sparring partners and this is what they had to say: to “It’s almost like Glen has his own special type of heart,” said 2008 178LB. National amateur champion Azea Augustama in reference to Johnson’s endurance. “Glen has an incredible work-rate. Like nothing I have ever seen,” remarked 201Lb. Florida state amateur champion Emmanuel Augustama. The Glen Johnson vs. Chad Dawson Total is at 11.5 rounds with the OVER at -350.

Johnson has faced his share of murderous punchers while having barely sniffed the canvas. Even young killers like Emmanuel Augustama and Azea Augustama find it difficult to wobble the iron-chinned Johnson. Glen’s in-fighting skills are rivaled by few in boxing with his uppercuts, hooks, and rights to the midsection wrecking havoc. When in boxer mode, Johnson delivers a chopping, jackhammer jab that sets the table for his high-volume combinations. Despite being regarded as more of a grinder than a KO artist, Johnson can turn out a man’s lights with one shot. The Jamaican’s overhand right that crashed into Roy Jones Jr.’s temple is one of the hardest punches that one will ever see.

Glen Johnson Tale-Of-The Tape:

Ht. 5’11”
Wt. 175
Age: 40
Reach: 75”
Record: 49-12-2, 33 KO’s
Style: Pressure Fighter
Best Punch: Right Cross
Rounds Fought: 414

Brad Marchetti Skill Ratings:

Size: 6
Power: 8 (x200%)
Boxing Ability: 8 (x200%)
Hand Speed: 6
Stamina: 8
Defense: 9 (x200%)
Durability: 9 (x200%)
Legs: 6
Jab: 7
In-Fighting: 9
Heart: 10
Punch Output: 7

Overall: 8.7

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