Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jr Boxing Preview
By Brad Marchetti, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 8, 2008) (All Photos © Will Hart/HBO)  
While the Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jr. light heavyweight championship fight is about 8 years too late it still should be pleasing to the eye. Both of these fast stylist will do battle at Madison Square Garden for the linear 175 Lb. championship of the world. The 3-1 boxing betting odds tilt towards Calzaghe indicates that the Italian from the U.K will stay undefeated at 46-0. Calzaghe has stated that this will be his last fight several times. Roy Jones Jr. looked fantastic against a faded welterweight in Felix Trinidad over 10 months ago, but Calzaghe is much stronger than the Puerto Rican icon. The boxing betting
odds for the Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jr. match-up have Calzaghe as a -255 to -303 favorite on the MONEYLINE.

Both of these fighters like to do their damage with lightning fast combinations from different angles. The southpaw Calzaghe has the fresher set of wheels and a better punch output than the aging Jones Jr. Calzaghe will try to set Roy up with his jab and dart in and out with salvos. Jones Jr. will look to potshot Joe with hard placement shots to the body and head, while being overly cautious. Roy has stiff legs now and might have a hard time finding the elusive Calzaghe with his signature powershots. Jones still has some explosive life to his punches but his hands are brittle. Jones also did not show much killer instinct when he could not put away Trinidad when he had him on the ropes. Calzaghe proved his worth in his last fight by gritting out a win over Bernard Hopkins. Some have wondered just how up Joe is for this bout however. Joe has even more brittle hands than Jones Jr. and his punches are slaps at times. If Calzaghe gets hit with something big early he could have a hard time against Jones. Calzaghe has shown a vulnerability to straight right hands and Jones Jr. has an excellent one. The boxing betting odds for the Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jr. match-up have the OVER\UNDER at 9.5 rounds with the OVER at -320.

Speed kills. Who has more of it in this bout? Which one of these legends have more in the tank? Which on of these wealthy gray-beards wants to win more? Has Jones ever recovered from his KO losses to Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson? Most of the time an A-class United States fighter tops an A-class United Kingdom fighter, will this hold true again?

Joe Calzaghe

*Power: 7 (* indicates x200%)
Size: 7
Speed: 9
Stamina: 8
Defense: 8 (*indicates x200%)
Chin: 8
Cuts\Swells: 7
Heart\Killer Instinct: 8
Legs: 9
Jab\Reach: 8
In-Fighting: 8
Ring IQ: 10
Peak: 6

Marchetti Rating: 8.7 (1-10 Scale)

Roy Jones Jr.

*Power: 8 (* indicates x200%)
Size: 7
Speed: 9
Stamina: 7
Defense: 7 (*indicates x200%)
Chin: 5
Cuts\Swells: 7
Heart\Killer Instinct: 5
Legs: 6
Jab\Reach: 6
In-Fighting: 7
Ring IQ: 8
Peak: 5

Marchetti Rating: 7.5 (1-10 Scale)

Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jr. Boxing Betting Odds

Joe Calzaghe -255 to -303

Roy Jones Jr. +200 to +240

Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jr. Tale-of-The Tape


Ht. 5'11"
Wt. 173 (168 most of career)
Age: 36
Reach 73"
Record: 45-0 (32)
Style: Counterpuncher\Mover
Best Punch: Right Hook

Jones Jr.

Ht. 5'11"
Wt. 175 (199 Highest Weight)
Age 39
Reach: 74"
Record: 52-4 (38)
Style: Counterpuncher\Powerpuncher
Best Punch: Left Hook.

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