Glen Johnson Back In Action: Jermain Taylor vs Jeff Lacy Boxing Odds
By Brad Marchetti, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 11, 2008)  
Top-10 pound-4-pound boxer Glen "The Road Warrior" Johnson will be back in the ring for a 10-round Light-Heavyweight fight in South Florida tonight. The 39-year old Johnson is coming off a very controversial loss (He Was Robbed!) against W.B.C 175 Lb. champion "Bad" Chad Dawson. Johnson took the young star to school and almost put Chad's lights out in the 10th round. The laid back Johnson, 47-12-2, 32 KO's, will face 41-year old Aaron Norwood, 26-10-2, 13 KO's, a Mississippi veteran that is ranked 57th at 175 Lbs. in computerized boxing rankings. I have had the thrill of training next
to Johnson at Thump Fight Gym in Miami where he has torn up his sparring partners. Johnson is one scary guy when he is in the ring doing his thing. The boxing betting odds on the Jermain Taylor vs Jeff Lacy fight favor Taylor at 5-1 odds.

As I watched Johnson do six grueling rounds with a "toughguy" from Spain, I realized his boxing genius. I remarked to Orlando (Glen's trainer) on how aggressively the young testosterone fueled brawler tore into Glen in the opening minute of the sparring session. Glen had already been three hard rounds with top-30 Jr. Middleweight contender Eromosele Albert ,21-2-1, 10 KO's. Albert, had his moments, but Glen was in control of their session as he countered and ripped bodyshots. Glen was so comfortable with the killer punching Spainard after just 2 minutes that he was talking to me as he slipped punches. "You like that don't you Brad." Johnson said as he made the hard puncher miss all of his punches in one particularly brutal punch sequence. As I spoke with Glen between rounds, he explained to me that he can use a boxer's aggression and energy against them. "You don't always have to run all around the ring and waste energy." Johnson told me. "You can just sit there and make the guy miss." Glen's defense is a very underrated part of his game as he is one of the best defensive fighters in the world. After just one round with the flat-nosed slugging Spainard, Johnson was countering his man with piercing bodypunches. Johnson's uppercuts to the body are some of the most vicious punches I have ever witnessed. The boxing betting odds OVER\UNDER on the Jermain Taylor vs Jeff Lacy fight is at 10.5 ROUNDS with the OVER at -155 to -165.

Johnson is looking for bigger fish as he enters the twilight of his career. I would love to see him get his revenge over Chad Dawson but he Dawson wants no part of the Jamaican. Johnson could go and fight Bernard Hopkins in a rematch that would be very intriguing. I asked Johnson about when he lost to Hopkins earlier in his career and he had this to say: "When I fought Hopkins he was better than me at everything." Glen's trainer Orlando Cueller explained that Glen was green when he fought Hopkins as a 31-0 undefeated youngster. Johnson did say that he gave Hopkins a nice little ass whipping years later when they sparred in Miami at the Fight Club gymnasium downtown. "I caught Bernard again when I was right." said Johnson. "This was after I had KO'd Roy Jones. Hopkins told me I was going to be the champ and this and that...I saw Hopkins again after that and asked for a rematch but he didn't seem interested." Boxing fans looking to see a living legend live should go check Johnson at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Ft. Lauderdale, FL tonight at 8 PM. Below is a non-biased power ratings breakdown of my friend Glen Johnson. Johnson rates a 9.2 out of 10 which is a top-10 pound-4-pound status rating. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the closest to a perfect fighter on my 1-10 scale at 9.8. The boxing betting odds on the Jermain Taylor vs Jeff Lacy fight are Taylor -550 to -600 on the MONEYLINE.

Glen Johnson Tale-Of-The-Tape

Ht. 5'10"
Wt. 175
Age: 39
Reach 75"
Record: 47-12-2 (32)
Rounds Fought: 400
Style: Pressure Fighter\Counterpuncher
Best Punch: Overhand Right

Glen Johnson

*Power: 8 (* indicates x200%)
Size: 7
Speed: 7
Stamina: 8
Defense: 9 (*indicates x200%)
Chin: 10
Cuts\Swells: 10
Heart\Killer Instinct: 10
Legs: 6
Jab\Reach: 8
In-Fighting: 10
Ring IQ: 10
Peak: 6

Marchetti Rating: 9.2 (1-10 Scale).

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