Conclusive Combos on Manny Pacquiao, Ricky Hatton, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Dawson-Tarver II and Much More
By JD Camacho, (May 9, 2009) Photo © German Villasenor  
Lots to talk about this week, so here’s my conclusive blows in combination.

Manny Pacquiao is an all-time great fighter, and in my book that means he goes down as one of the Top 25 most accomplished boxers to ever strap on the boots and arc his way through those ropes. Congratulations to the Filipino phenom.

Word is that Pacquiao might fight undefeated titleholder Timothy Bradley in the interim. If it goes down, do it in California where Bradley’s hometown fans and the multitude of Filipino residents can turn out and make it an event. Heck, over 10,000 Filipinos came out to watch Pacquiao throw a single pitch in Giants ballpark. I think more than that will turn up to see him throw a couple of punches.

According to writer Steve Bunce, the majority of the press and the fans – both British and otherwise – are calling for Ricky Hatton to retire. I normally think retiring on a loss in a fighter’s prime diminishes his legacy, but Ricky Hatton has been here before. He kept going after the Floyd Mayweather loss and he recorded a decent win over Malignaggi last time out. That’s respectable, in my eyes. Still, his training team is in shambles, he reportedly now struggles mightily to make the junior welterweight limit (his career starting weight), and his punch resistance is not what it once was. Call it a day, mate.

Mayweather, who called it a day almost a year ago, has now finally scheduled a comeback match against Juan Manuel Marquez. I think Marquez will give Mayweather more problems than most anticipate, not the least of which involve stopping Mayweather from leading with power shots like he does against lesser fighters. However, Marquez can be hurt and can be dropped – the latter of which tending to happen when Marquez reaches with his right hand. Barrera did it. Pacquiao did it, too. I see Mayweather dropping Marquez to the canvas at least once – and that may be enough for Mayweather to secure the win.

Mayweather – Marquez 24/7 is coming. Expect lots of Mayweathers and Mexicans.

So there’s a lot of hoopla on the Doghouse forums about writer Doug Fischer’s disparaging remarks on Mayweather. I think Fischer does indeed harbor some contempt for Mayweather, but that should probably be beside the point. If you think Fischer has a bias against Mayweather, simply don’t listen to his opinion on the Pretty Boy. That’s just his opinion on one fighter. If you fail to read Fischer’s other stuff because of that, you’re missing out – lots of his writing can be very insightful, especially when he writes about up-and-coming talent. I like to read about that stuff.

There isn’t much more to be said that hasn’t already been said about Chad Dawson – Antonio Tarver II. Tarver has never lost a rematch, but that probably won’t matter. Dawson dominated the first match, and that probably will.

Speaking of Dawson, here’s a thought: Paul Williams wants to come up. Chad Dawson is willing to go down. Why don’t the two avoided southpaws meet in the middle?

You know how Paul Williams is scary? Juan Manuel Lopez is terrifying.

Guess who: Who’s late to his fighter’s final sparring session, late to his fighter’s dressing room, and meets his fighter in the ring instead of during the ringwalk? If you said Freddie Roach, you’re drinking Floyd Mayweather Senior’s kool-aid.

This week is the anniversary of Diego Corrales – Jose Luis Castillo I and the subsequent passing of Corrales. Here’s to you, Chico...

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