Mayweather Fined and Suspended
Doghouse boxing Special Report (April 13, 2006)
Roger Mayweather- Fined & Suspended
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Mayweather win upheld, Keeps I.B.F. Title!

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has made a ruling on The Mayweather- Judah Melee.

NSAC is upholding Floyd Mayweather's win.

Here are the rulings that occurred Today:...:

Floyd Mayweather's $5 million purse has been released.

His uncle and Trainer was Not as Fortunate

Roger Mayweather recieves a fine of $200,000. That's is his entire part of the 5 million dollar purse awarded to Floyd Mayweather. However perhaps worse than that, Roger has been suspended for 1 year because he entered the ring just before the end of round 10.

Zab Judah's purse has yet to be released. A disciplinary hearing is to be scheduled to deal with this. The commission is still considering disciplining Zab Judah for a rabbit punch to the back of Mayweather's head plus other possible unsportsmanlike conduct during the ensuing Melee.

Don King, the Promoter representing Zab Judah spoke to the Commision asking them to disqualify Floyd Mayweather for the actions of his trainer.  The Commission ruled however that Mayweather's win will stand. There reasoning for this ruling was that Ref Richard Steele made a decision the fight would keep on going. The Commision further stated that the rules state "if an unauthorized person enters the ring, the referee may stop the fight."

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