"Naseem Hamed Left me To Die"
By DHB, May 13, 2006
"Prince" Naseem Hamed
Yesterday at Court, the victim of Naseem Hamed's dangerous driving Anthony Burgin spoke out about the crash that broke almost every major bone in his body.

Anthony Burgin, the most seriously injured in the car accident caused by Naseem Hamed was still in an elbow brace when he attended yesterday's sentencing. He was quoted by the Mirror UK, saying: "My heart was in my mouth waiting for the sentence but I'm so glad the right message to other speeding drivers was sent out by the judge. This devastated our lives."

Anthony fumed: "He just walked away from the wreckage without even checking if I was alive or phoning for help. He abandoned us and left me to die because his first and only instinct was to save himself and walk away. That man left me for dead."

Mr. Burgin
was also angry that Naseem never bothered to say sorry for last May's crash other than a half-hearted apology through his lawyer in court.

In regards to Hamed's apology through his lawyer, Mr. Burgin had this to say: "It was too little too late. He could have contacted us or written a letter, but he didn't. If he really wanted to say sorry he would have done so, but he has no idea how much damage he's done to us."

Hamed plead guilty last month to Dangerous driving. The incident happened last May. Hamed driving a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren sports car that smashed into two other cars near the Hamed's home in Sheffield.
In court it was revealed that Hamed was trying to impress an accociate, who was in the car with Hamed.

Hamed was traveling on the wrong side of the road at a speed of estimated to be 145 km/h when he crashed head-on into a Volkswagen Golf that emerged from a dip in the road. Hamed then hit a second vehicle, a Ford Mondeo.

During the sentencing, Judge Alan Goldsack QC said: "I have to balance the many features in this case; the aggravating features of hugely excessive speed, a blatantly dangerous manoeuvre, your persistent disregard of the speeding laws and the dreadful consequences of this offence for your victims against the mitigating features of a guilty plea, your good character in all respects other than motoring matters and the absence of some features present in many such cases - the most obvious being drink."

The Judge sent Hamed to 15 months in prison on Friday. In closing Judge Alan Goldsack had this to say to Hamed: "I have no doubt the only possible sentence here is an immediate custodial sentence. It is far too serious for anything else. Having performed that balancing exercise, there will be a prison sentence of 15 months."

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