De La Hoya has feelings for Arum, Talks about Alleged Dive vs Hopkins
DHB (May 17, 2006)
In Bernard Fenandez's latest column in CBS Sportsline, Oscar De La Hoya is quoted in regards to to his feelings about his ex-promoter, Bob Arum.

"I still have feelings for Bob," De La Hoya said. "He's a guy who helped me out. I helped him out, too. We had good times together. He just didn't understand that business was business.

"So now he's going to attack me left and right. He's going to keep saying that I took a dive against Hopkins and that I'm in this only for the money. I can't stop him from saying those things. I think he's hurt. He's hurt because I chose not to stay with him until the end of my career.

"But, hey, we made each other a lot of money. I think we should be grateful for that."
Source of De La Hoya Quotes/ Bernard Fernandez/CBS Sportsline

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