Royce Gracie speaks; UFC Long Lay Off
DHB (May 25, 2006)
In an Interview with Joe Fernandez of, Royce Gracie spoke on his hiatus from the Octogan. Gracie steps into the UFC Octagon to face welterweight champion Matt Hughes on Saturday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The Hughes-Gracie match will headline UFC 60.

Joe Fernandez asked Royce Gracie if Royce felt the long layoff (11 years) from UFC has hurt him?

Royce Gracie's response: "I don't think it will hurt me, I'm still active in Japan. Just because I haven't fought in the cage, I've been in the ring, I'm still fighting in front of crowds of 95,000 people. Just because I've been away from the UFC doesn't mean I've been away from fighting. I fought a guy a couple of years ago who was 6-8, 490 pounds."

Royce added: "Four hundred and ninety pounds and I tapped him faster than anybody has ever beat him. I got him with a shoulder lock. The Oma Plata."

Source of Quotes: Joe Fernandez,

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