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UFC ON FX: JOHNSON VS. MCCALL “Postfight Show on FUEL TV” Quotes

Johnson Unstoppable, Silva Shows Variety, UFC 152 Breaking News; Plus Condit and Stann Updates

LOS ANGELES, CA – The following are quotes from the “UFC Postfight Show on FUEL TV” about UFC ON FX: JOHNSON VS. MCCALL.  Karyn Bryant hosted the show, with analysis from former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir and Flyweight Title Contender Joseph Benavidez. Ariel Helwani conducted exclusive postfight interviews backstage. Here’s some of what was said:

  “UFC Postfight Show on FUEL TV” Analyst Joseph Benavidez on Demetrious Johnson beating Ian McCall: “Demetrious went out there and looked like he improved from the last fight. He wanted this more. This time he improved his take downs and he went and got the take downs. He had more attempts. Demetrious was more active on his feet. When he can get takedowns of his own, he is unstoppable. They both got to go back and look at tape and improve and he had tremendous takedowns.”

  “UFC Postfight Show on FUEL TV” Analyst Frank Mir on Johnson beating McCall: “He got to go out there and show that he was able to consistently keep up the pace. He showed no sign of fatigue or wearing down. In the last fight he couldn’t keep the pace up, here he used the hands, lands punches, aggressively worked. He was drastically different this fight than we saw in the first fight. Going into the third round Demetrious kept up the pace.”  

Johnson on what adjustments he made for this fight: “The adjustments I made in my camp was listening to my coaches. Typically, when I am told to take a day off, I don’t. But, I really wanted to listen to my coaches this time.”  

Johnson on beating McCall: “I felt good. Last time my diet was not that good. I cut out carbs totally in my diet and it really affected me. I heard Joseph say I looked better this time. I kept my weight on me. This time I really maintained my nutrients.”  

Johnson on his upcoming fight with Benavidez: “I am ready for it. Joe baby, I love you, you’re sexy. But, I can’t wait to hit you in the face. And I know me and you, and we are going to have fun doing it. I have to come out looking just as sexy as he is. He is known for his butt and thighs and I have to come out looking good too.”  

Benavidez on his upcoming fight against Johnson: “Demetrious has always impressed me and tonight he impressed me even more. He improves every fight and today he looked the best in this weight class. We are the two best guys in the world and he is going to be good at everything and I’m going be good at everything. I just have to go home and train hard and he has to go home and train hard and I want this. It’s a dream come true.”  

Ian McCall tells Helwani how he is feeling about the fight: “I’m disappointed and kind of disgusted with myself. I think I could have done a lot more. I just wasn’t good enough. I should have used my wrestling more. I have to go watch the tape and bang my head on the wall. I was frustrated with myself more than anything. I wasn’t doing what I trained to do. I didn’t close the gap.”  

McCall on whether the judges got the fight right: “Yeah the judges got this one right. I am bleeding out of my ears and face. So, yeah.”  

McCall on when he wants to return to the Octagon: “As soon as possible. I have to prove my worth.”

  UFC President Dana White on if the fights delivered and if Johnson won: “Yeah, I knew they would. In the smaller weight classes these guys fight. I had it going to Demetrious. No controversy this time as far as I’m concerned. Ian has a huge following and the people wanted to see him win, but I think it was right.”  

White on when Benavidez and Johnson will fight: “I don’t know. It depends on how healthy the two guys are. I haven’t spoken to Demetrious yet, I don’t know how he is feeling right now. I know Joseph is ready to fight. We have guys dropping like flies, so we need fights.”  

White on Glover Teixeira vs. Brandon Vera: “Shogun didn’t want to fight Glover Teixeira. He said he would rather be cut then fight him. Teixeira didn’t mind fighting Brandon Vera, so he is fighting him. Shogun is a warrior; he has fought everyone from PRIDE, to Dan Henderson in his last fight. I don’t think we are rewarding Teixeira with this fight. It’s just a weird situation.”  

Benavidez on Erick Silva’s win over Charlie Brenneman: “Erick Silva definitely lived up to the hype. Brenneman is known to get guys down with his wrestling. But Silva was tested and passed with flying colors.”  

Mir on Silva vs. Brenneman: “Brenneman had five to seven takedown attempts. Then, he got taken down. Erick Silva was able to show variety in his game. He’s a legit black belt on the ground. Silva was patient and was mentally able to compete in a high level at the UFC. Brenneman came out and did exactly what I would have coached him to do - take out Silva’s striking and submit him. We hadn’t seen how good Silva was in jiu jitsu. Brenneman forced Silva to beat him in a way we’re not sure Silva’s capable of doing. Brenneman forced him to beat him in a new way.”  

Benavidez on who Silva might fight next: “There are two other welterweights on this card, Mike Pierce and Mike Pyle, who did really well tonight. He could match up with either of them.”  

Erick Silva on how he prepared for his fight with Brenneman: “I trained very hard to show the UFC my potential. I’ve trained in Muay Thai, I’m a Jiu jitsu Black Belt and I’ve trained in boxing. I have the best team and am training with the best like Anderson Silva. I’ve trained in the sport of mixed martial arts. I will fight whoever the UFC wants me to fight  

Benavidez on Mike Pyle defeating Josh Neer: “The most impressive thing about Pyle is that he is 36 years old now and has had the most impressive run of his career now. I know his boxing coach has something to do with that. He is becoming a better fighter with age. Two knockouts in a row. I know from training with him in Vegas how good he is.”  

Pyle on his fight with Neer: “I think something got me behind the ear. I wasn’t really that stunned or anything. I was never really hurt. Oh to the liver, he got me really good. Then I decided I had enough and I got out of there. I didn’t intend to hit him, but those are the ones you don’t know are going to knock them out.”  

Benavidez on Eddie Wineland’s victory over Scott Jorgensen: “Eddie Wineland always had strong hands, great movement, and some takedown defense, but he couldn’t put them all together. Now, he’s confident with his takedown defense, put it all together, and ended up getting the knockout.”  

Mir on Wineland’s past weaknesses: “People have learned to put Wineland on his back and wrestle him, but he’s learned how to not be taken down. He’s going to be a real threat. Jorgensen was staging a comeback in the fight. But Wineland’s powerful right hand dropped him in first round and then his right hand ended it in the next.”  

Eddie Wineland on how the cut over his eye affected him in the fight: “As big as the cut is, you don’t see people walk away with a victory with a cut like this. I’m on the top of the world right now. I actually couldn’t be happier. He hit me with a hook and a knee, and I was just in survival mode and my boxing coach said ‘1, 3, 2’ and did it and I knocked him out. It’s no secret I have power in my hands. I’ve been working with boxers, and everyone tells me I have powerful hands. They should put fear in people’s eyes.”  

Brian Stann on his injury: “It’s a grade-two separation of my right AC joint, which is what I am feeling right now. It’ll be six to eight weeks recovery, but no surgery, thankfully. Hopefully, I can heal this up real quick and get my full range of motion back. But, right now I can’t even pick my hand up. Shawn Jordan and I were in the cage and he went for a hip throw and he landed on my shoulder, all 275 pounds of him. I think he slipped. He knows not to land on me. But it happened. And you know you could hear the crack right away. It’s one of those feelings were you know when you are hurt and when you are injured.”  

Stann on when he plans to return: “You know, probably the biggest issue I am going to face now is trying to return too early. I would like to get back in the gym and try to hit some pads in 4-5 weeks, but the doctors were very adamant that even at six weeks I am not going to be able to put the pressure on the shoulder to wrestle the way I should. I am trying to stay in shape using my other three limbs in the meantime.”  

Carlos Condit on if Georges St-Pierre will be ready to fight him in November: “As far as I know, I’ve seen videos of him running and doing sprints and he looks pretty good. I’ve heard the fight’s still on for November 17. If anything changes, we’ll look at our options.”  

Condit on fighting GSP in his home country: “That’s something I’ve done quite a few times. I wouldn’t be rattled by it. It’s motivation going into the enemy’s back yard.”  

Condit on wanting to fight Martin Kampmann if GSP isn’t ready: “The question was: ‘if Georges isn’t ready to fight in November, who would I like to fight?’ My answer was Martin Kampmann. He’s the only loss I’ve had in the UFC. I’m not taking anything away from Johny Hendricks who thinks he should have a shot. I don’t make the matches. If the UFC wanted me to fight someone else, I’d be up for it. They want me to fight GSP and that’s who I’d like to fight.”  

Breaking news reported by Karyn Bryant: We heard that Dana White just announced that UFC 152 will have a rematch between Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez and BJ Penn will come out of retirement to fight Rory MacDonald.”  

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